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  1. tanning????

    Your best bet will be to go to www.taxidermy.net They have tons of information in the archives and even some step by step instruction pages.
  2. The Heart of Texas Chapter of Delta Waterfowl, proud supporters of Ducks and Duck Hunters since 1911 is having its annual banquet in just over a week. This year the event will be held in downtown Pflugerville at the Pfluger Fire Hall, social gathering starts at 5:30pm and BBQ dinner will be around 7:00pm. We will have lots of raffles and auctions for tons of hunting gear and guns. Single tickets are only $50 and Couples tickets are only $60. Kids under 19 get in for only $20. The easiest way to get tickets this year is online, just click the link below, hope to see you there! Buy Tickets Now For questions you can call me on my mobile at 512-653-6267
  3. Delta Waterfowl Banquet

    I forgot to mention the room at Cabela's is upstairs to the left of the cafeteria.
  4. Delta Waterfowl Banquet

    For anybody that can't make it but wants to renew or start your membership and/or if you want in on any of our Premium raffles, give me a call and I can take payment via credit card. Membership = minimum $25 Premium Raffle #1 is our Duck Hunting Package $20 per chance, One Winner gets all of the following: H&R Pardner 12 Gauge Camo Pump Shotgun, Six Avery Hot Buy Mallard Decoys, Avery Finisher Blind Bag, Avery Mud Gun Case, and a Drake Standup Gear Bag. Premium Raffle #2 Winners Choice Raffle $20 per chance, Five Winners will be drawn, as each one is selected they will have their choice of any one of the remaining items: Benelli Nova 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun Final Approach Layout Blind Boyt Harness Aluminum Travel Gun Case Dozen Hardcore Working Mallard Decoys “Always Alert” Wood Panel Print Premium Raffle #3 Goose Band Raffle $20 per chance, One Winner gets the Delta Waterfowl “Gun of the Year” Mossberg Silver Reserve Over/Under and a Gun Maintenance Box All drawings will be held Thursday evening 10/22/09 at Cabelas in Buda. Thanks for your support of ducks and duck hunting!!! Larry 512 653.6267
  5. Exotic/African Hunt

    Change of plans, will be hunting the following weekend. Oct 23-25
  6. The Heart of Texas Chapter of Delta Waterfowl invites you to it's annual fundraising banquet. Thursday, October 22nd Social at 5pm, Dinner at 6:30pm The event will be held inside Cabela's in Buda, Texas Tickets are $45 Contact Larry Neal at (512) 653-6267 for tickets or more info.
  7. Exotic/African Hunt

    I booked a Fallow hunt last year and haven't been able to find anyone that wants to go with me, so I thought I would see if anyone would like to join me in Bend, Texas for a weekend hunt Oct 16-18th. The ranch is call Serengeti Bend, it is 2000 acres of high fence and backs up to the Colorado Bend state park. Check out John's website to see if he has any animals that would interest you, as I said I'm chasing a Fallow for the wall. Serengeti Bend
  8. 2009 Posse Pronghorn Hunt Report!

    I believe he did have a valid OK doe tag.
  9. 2009 Posse Pronghorn Hunt Report!

    After we got my trophy back to camp we had just enough time to hunt for about one more hour. Of course we found two nice bucks, but they were both just outside the property line, so the plan was to do it all again on Sunday so Skip wouldn't be the first customer to not go home with an Antelope. Sunday morning came early, the knees hurt the most, the legs where a bit sore, but the knees were definately the worst. We sat in the truck staring at fog for three hours before it finally started to thin out. We then spent two and a half hours riding around in the truck without seeing one antelope. We must have seen 15 coyotes in our two days of hunting, but I digress. We met back up with Jared and Bob and they had spotted a group and the stalk was on. Bob has the rest of that story up top as I spend those two hours waiting in the truck and yes I did take a nap. We made it back to Austin about 2:30pm on Monday and dropped our meat off at Hudson's and then we ran our capes over to Terry Rhienlander for our shoulder mounts. Can't wait to put mine on the wall. Thanks to everyone for a very memorable hunt! I enjoyed it greatly!
  10. 2009 Posse Pronghorn Hunt Report!

    After the critters were out of sight we tried to get out in front of them, but they ended up getting spooked by some cows again and headed south right where we had been half the morning trying to get close to them. We watched as they slowly drifted over the far ridge and we took off after them. Of course as soon as we where half way to the ridge out in the open with no cover a doe sticks her head up over the ridge and starts staring us down, all we could do was drop and wait. The buck then appears, but all we can see is his horns just above the ridge. After a lengthy wait it looks like the doe has finally moved so we start to move closer again only to have the doe bust us and she starts running away from us. I toss Skip my backpack and he sets up in case he can get a shot off. Sure enough all the speed goats start quartering away from us to the left and Jeremy is counting of the distance that the buck is, Skip is having trouble finding him in his scope from the prone position and doesn't get on him until he's 400 yards away. The buck stops and looks back, Skip finds him, holds for 400 and lets another round rip only to watch the buck trot off untouched again. We decided it time for lunch and head back to the Ranch. Skip decides that two misses is enough for the time being and let's me take the late afternoon stalk. After lunch we went looking for a large group we had seen earlier in the morning while waiting on the group of four. Sure enough we top a ridge and there they are about a mile down in a valley next to a group of cows. Jeremy points out the Rita Blanca dry creek bed and says that it run along the east in a big loop and then should but us behind the antelope, hopefully in range. We start hiking, and hiking, and hiking and about 45 minutes later we come up to a small hill and Jeremy crawls to the top and signals back that they are 500 yards away still. The dry creek is just to our left at this point so we all crawl to it and drop down in and head toward the animals. Two hundreds yards later Jeremy pops his head over the edge and gets excited. A shootable buck is in the group and they are only about 300 yards away. I chamber a 140 grain Berger in my Savage .270 and attach my bipod and crawl up the edge of the creek bed and sure enough there they are. The problem at this point is I have tall grass, sage and yucca in front of me and I can hardly see thru it. Jeremy and I expose ourselves a bit more and reset up and now I just have to wait until the buck stops facing me. All the while, does are running around left and right, cows and calves are in the background. Finally the buck moves to my left and shows me his broadside and Jeremy crawls next to me on the right side so I can rest my elbow on his back. I hold on 300 and click, nothing happens, I reach up real quick and load the round I swear I already loaded and now he's staring me down again. A couple minutes later (seemed like an hour) and he move a few more steps to the left and I drop him. Turns out I had a 5 mph crosswind that I hadn't taken into consideration and I hit him about 5 inches to the right of my intended target so he's gonna have to bleed out. He never got up but he did toss around a bit for a few minutes before he finally expired. Here he is, huge prongs, but not as tall as the ones the other guys got: And here he is with both me and Jeremy:
  11. 2009 Posse Pronghorn Hunt Report!

    OK, so Skip and I flipped a coin and Skip won, so he got first shot. It only took a few minutes after sunrise for Jeremy to spot a small group off in the distance near a crp field. We drove a little closer to see if a good buck was in the group and sure enough there was, but the cows we had between us got skiddish and got the three does and one buck to take off to the north. Long story short, we stalked that group from sun up until mid afternoon. At one point we had them pinned down in a small draw and Skip and Jeremy where able to get close enough for a very long shot. Here they are make the sneak to the top of the ridge: And here they are getting into position, you can see one of the does off to the right on the far hill: And here Skip is just about ready to take what we think was a 400 yard shot: We think the shot went high and the speed goats milled around after the shot and eventually drifted west. more on the next reply.
  12. 2009 Posse Pronghorn Hunt Report!

    Skip and I left Austin from work early on Wednesday afternoon and headed northwest. We stopped in Llano at Coopers for some great bbq and then headed to Big Springs to spend the night. Thursday we drove over to New Mexico, we stopped in Roswell for lunch and the headed over to Ruidosa where we left a few dollars at the casino. Friday morning we headed out and got to the Rita Blanca grasslands in the afternoon and spent about an hour shooting off sticks and making sure our sights where still on. From there we met the gang at Jeremy's place and had an awesome steak dinner that Jeremy and Sara cooked for us all. Here's a photo of the 9100 acre ranch gate: Here's the sunrise Saturday morning: The hunt stories in the next reply
  13. 2nd Posse Pronghorn Hunt-2009

    Based on the original posting, I thought we would be hunting on Friday, so we'd need to come in on Thursday, but I just noticed that the season doesn't even open until Saturday, so we are really looking at a two day hunt, unfortunately we need to be back at work in Austin on Tuesday, so we will find accomodations in Dalhart for Thursday night and hunt PD's in the Grasslands Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.
  14. 2nd Posse Pronghorn Hunt-2009

    Looking for some general info for the weekend: What days is lodging provided for? How early can we get there, how late can we stay? Can we hunt prairie dogs on or off property in our down time? How far is the camp from the National Grasslands? Can we hunt predators? Day or Night? Our current plan is to head out of Austin Wednesday afternoon, stop at Coopers BBQ in Llano for dinner then drive on to Abeline for the night. Head out Thurs AM and get to the Dalhart area by early afternoon. Not sure about our departure, might depend on prairie dog opportunities. We are starting to get excited, this should be a great time.
  15. 2nd Posse Pronghorn Hunt-2009

    Jeremy or Bob, or anyone else that has previously been on this hunt. We are working up loads and wonder what the distances are that we need to be prepared to take shots at. We have very flat shooting guns (7 mag & 270 WSM) so distances aren't an issue, just wondered what to expect.