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  1. Gander has 126 stores, and is closing all but 23 stores while they reorganize under chapt 11 bankruptcy. In 1996, Cabelas bought Gander's catalog operations that bailed out Gander then. They will complete the liquidation sale in September, try to successfully operate the remaining stores with a substantial sales per square foot profit. If they can survive past Christmas, they may merge with Camping World, but at present Camping World is poised to take over 70 Gander Stores. Camping World runs 125 stores and their Good Sam operation nationwide. Hopefully, it can take on this much financial responsiibilty and survive! I've seen more than one sporting goods company become overloaded and drown!
  2. Bass Pro and Cabela's

    Really odd how things go in circles! Several years ago, Cabelas saved Gander Mountain from death by buying out Gander's catalogue operation. It kept Gander from going down the tubes; they restructured and right away began expanding their stores. No one could figure out what Gander was trying to do with their expansion as they were putting stores in remote locations and close by their competitors. Then Cabelas started their expansion by adding stores, they then increased their smaller satellite store operations. Much of that was done the past 8 years, when the middle class economy was struggling. The whole key to retail sporting goods, is the sales per square foot. If it does not generate specific parameters then that store is either propped up, left as a loss leader, or shut down. When the middle class incomes began to struggle, so did Cabelas. If the Bass Pro deal does go thru, look for the Cabelas stores to be reconfigured or their market become more concentrated, perhaps towards hunting only.

    Legacy Outfitters members father-son combo scored big time at Lake Waco this past weekend! Despite the high winds, you either were catching the lunkers of lots of white bass, aka sand bass!
  4. My first Aoudad

    Not bad for an old horny hog!
  5. 5,000 Members!!

    When did you start the forum? I can remember when you changed from one format to this one and that's been around 10 years!
  6. Childhood......

    My dad was my mentor - both hunting and fishing and other sports. He was a true sportsman. These days, my son and I fish with Legacy Outfitters and do youth outdoor projects with the Heart of Texas Field Guides. It includes all kinds of outdoor activities - fishing mostly!
  7. Losing a Good Hunting Spot

    Hope you don't get hit with the HF Plague! Our lease in Comanche got hit last year and again this year with an 8 mile high fence on our east side and the ranch to our immediate south border. It seems Frosty Gillam from Odessa needed to spend some of his multi-billion dollars! They already have exotics on the east ranch - gemsbok, sika, and red deer so far!

    I've decided to join Legacy Outfitters once again. Fished with them off and on the past several years, it's a great Christian group of fishermen. Usually fish one tournament lake each month around in central Texas. This past year they had their championship at Lake Sam Rayburn. They will have an organizational meeting Thursday night @ 6:30PM at 115 Ritchie Road in Waco, which is the former conference center of Curves International.
  9. 7-08 for the win

    Good job GH! It's been a weird year at our place too. One of our guys was in a terrible accident two years ago on a toll road in Dallas - some donkey cut him off and he plowed into a bridge pillar. Broke just about every bone in his body! Anyway, with all he's gone thru during recovery, they discovered a tumor that has formed around his spine. He has passed up surgery until after deer season, but he got his buck last week! One of the 5 8 pointers we've taken this year! Stay tough man, you still have a lot more deer seasons left!

    We have 5 guys on our lease near Comanche, and all 5 of us have taken 8 point bucks this year, each buck looks like they came from the same cooking company - good symmetrical horns with 16 to 17" spread. Took mine this past weekend, while he was chasing 5 does. When I was field dressing him, I noticed his hocks were dripping wet - hope he got to spread some joy before he went down! The first picture is the one from this year, and the second picture is last year's 8 point!
  11. Texas Early Voting Has Started

    I've never been so uncertain about an election in my life, and I've been voting for 50 years! I read and hear about machines being rigged, impostor voters, and so on. The machine I was using today, had some quirks about it, and I can see thousands of votes not being cast correctly.
  12. Don't Fall For This

    My wife got zapped by a similar "warning" on her HP laptop. She had bought it at Best Buy this past spring, and it popped up on her LP, and she called the number before I found out what was going on. Ended up it really messed up her LP, despite having the McAfee firewall. Plus during this period, HP was having issues with Microsoft 10 and the BEATS software programs, so that locked up her LP too! She ended up making two trips to the GEEK SQUAD before they got it running again. I run ESET NAUD 32 on my PC and LP and have not had an issue in 7 years with their firewall, so I installed it on her PC. Right away, it picked up stuff that McAfee missed!
  13. Free Range Oryx

    Have been seeing some great pictures of gemsbok this year. I guess the rains made them eat more! Were you on White Sands or off range? Would love to hunt them someday, but with a New Mexico non-res tag costing around $1640 dollars, it's a bit of a "suppressor"!
  14. Happy Columbus Day

    Viking Day would be cool! HAIL RAGNAR!
  15. The Best Show of a Great Season

    I will have to TIVO it, like I do for most of your shows Gary.