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  1. Night Hunting.......?

    FOsteology, with all that blood and all those steel bars, it looks to me like you shot a convicted felon trying to escape from death row in Huntsville! Bloodtrail, these guys are right - the .22 is unfortunately insufficient for coyotes. If you have access to a 12 ga, I would go with that and some #4 field loads (Not buck shot - just a plain old #4 heavy field load) instead of the .22. Don't worry about the 200 yd shots, most of your shots will be up close and personal, and your 12 ga will be more valuable to you than the .22. What I REALLY wish, is that you could just come to Texas, where, miraculously, guns are still legal. But if you can't do that, then just use your 12 ga with the heaviest non-buckshot load you can find, and make do with that. And believe me, you can make an awful lot of "do" with that. Tu Primo
  2. Tying off sharks

    I cannot believe that nobody replied to this post. Am I to conclude from this, then, that there is NO safe way to tie off a shark? Tu Primo
  3. ready to get after em!!!

    Slew, it kills my soul to say this, but I don't think you missed anything. The end of duck season is a sham of what it ought to be, and what it used to be.. Tu Primo
  4. Tying off sharks

    Well, one of the lessons I have really taken to heart is to not even attempt to bring a large shark aboard - just tail rope him and tie him off to the outside of the boat. I have caught a few that were bigger than what I wanted in the boat with me, so I have done just that.. The only thing is that after having done it a few times, it seems to me like a really dangerous undertaking in itself. I am worried that eventually one of these sharks is going to reach around and bite my arm off while I am trying to tail rope him - gaff or no gaff. So my question is this - Is there any kind of a device available that would be like a pole with a loop on the end of it, that would allow a person to loop a big shark's tail without having to get your arms that close to the shark? How do other shark fishermen tail rope and tie off sharks without getting their arms and heads amputated for them?
  5. Caught too many !

    NB, I appreciate the warning about not putting your hand in their mouths. That reminds me of a story my dad told me recently. A guy that my dad knows, who is an experienced fisherman, was fishing a while back with another, younger man, who was a newcomer to fishing. The newcomer caught a sheephead, and his 'friend' (and I use that term loosely) was gonna try to be funny. He told the kid, "Yeah, just stick your hand in his mouth and wiggle the hook out.." Well, the kid trusted him and took him at his word, and the sheephead, which as we all know eats barnacles for a living, injured the kid terribly. His friend thought that was real funny, I guess. Yeah, ha ha, that's real funny. I see nothing whatsoever funny about stuff like that. Stuff like that is why I have always been diametrically opposed to 'practical jokes.' I do not believe in causing others to suffer physical pain or embarrassment in the name of humor. The 'know it all' who hurt the kid is a jerk, and I let him know what I think of him, too. Of course, he probably lacks the IQ to even get it.. OK, now I have another question.. These saltwater hardheads - I have never eaten them myself, but I have given them away to others who ate them and were happy to have them.. Has anybody here eaten them, and how are they? I cannot imagine them being all that bad. In fact, I would not at all be surprised to learn that they taste just as good as freshwater cats, which would lead me to my next question - then why do people get so upset when they catch them? I certainly don't.. Tu Primo..
  6. Pig Hunt Saturday and .45-70 Not Grouping

    Mark, I am very, very happy for you. Way to go.. Tu Primo
  7. Pig Hunt Saturday and .45-70 Not Grouping

    Hey Mark, I would agree with Okiecoyote - 6" is a bit much, even for me. If it was time to go hunting, and the rifle was shooting 6" groups, and there was no time left to try to improve things, then I would still take the rifle hunting, and I would still feel confident that if I get a shot at a hog - he's going down, but then when I got back to Houston I would put myself to work to try to shrink those groups. My first thought was the possibility of flinching, too. Anway, I am very glad that you had time to get it sorted out before it was time to go. Good luck.. Tu Primo
  8. Caught too many !

    OK - I just thought of another question - do these blue cats and flatheads have venomous dorsal and pec spines like the hardheads? Boy, I got poked on the finger last summer by a hardhead, and it hurt so bad for about 6 weeks - I wasn't sure if that was just the hardhead venom hurting my hand or if I had gotten Vibrio from the wound! I figured since I was still alive the next day, it wasn't Vibrio - just the venom! Tu Primo
  9. Bobcat's miracle Coyote

    Shooter and Bobcat - EXCELLENT!! My initial thought was that it was no accident you saw multiple cats and foxes in an area where the coyotes are kept under control.. I have always believed that if a person wants to see more cats and foxes, the best thing they can do is kill a lot of coyotes.. My .02 worth.. Tu Primo
  10. Caught too many !

    Nice Job Spot Light! Nice Job! I have always fished in saltwater, so I really don't know anything about fresh water - but I wish I did.. Can you guys tell me what kind of cats these are? At the bottom, is a big cat that is kind of a mottled color.. Then, to the left are 2 cats that are kind of dark around the heads and tails, and kind of silvery in the middle.. Then, above them is a cat with a black head and mottled looking body.. Beyond that is one that seems to match the 2 on the left.. What are these? (Besides 'dinner!") The only cats I have any experience with are the 'hardheads,' and about the only thing I know about them is that they make excellent bait for bull sharks and they have a LONG hook life! They are impossible to kill! Tu Primo
  11. Rifle Choice for Predator Hunting?

    JD, don't get rid of your rifle. Just hang on to it - you might not be in New Jersey forever - we don't know what the future holds for us. In a few years you might be out of that godless wasteland and you might be able to take your rifle hunting again. But I still would like to know - the records from the 1845 election - where are they? Tu Primo
  12. Rifle Choice for Predator Hunting?

    Cat Daddy, good post. I have had an interesting thought.. Where are the election results of 1845? What if we did a hand recount, as the northern liberals are so in favor of, and discovered that in fact the Texans never did actually vote away their independence? I have always been taught that this election was very close.. I was taught that Sam Houston said something to the effect that Texas could survive without the United States, but the United States cannot survive without Texas.. He said this just before the election of 1845.. Could he have been right? The ballots of 1845 are still there. I say let us execute a hand recount and see if the people of Texas actually voted to surrender their independence or to remain a sovereign nation.. What if a hand recount were to show that the Texans actually chose to remain an independent nation..? Then where would we be? I do not know, but I say let's have a recount!!!! By Hand!!! Where are the ballots? They have to be somewhere..! Tu Primo
  13. Rifle Choice for Predator Hunting?

    I am sorry, but there is something I have to tell you guys. I have a great-great uncle, whose name is recorded inside the San Jacinto Monument as having participated in the Battle of San Jacinto - and it absolutely turns my stomach to see that the way his contemporaries thanked him for his efforts was by saying,"No, we don't want to be an independent nation any more - we would rather VOLUNTARILY surrender our independence to a bunch of Northern Liberal Maggots than to be a sovereign nation.." For anyone who thinks this election of 1845 does not have anything to do with JD being faced with the nightmare today of having to give up his very special rifle, I invite you most sincerely to take a closer look at US History, and even world history.. For JD to have to surrender his rifle - this die was cast in 1845, and was carved in stone on July 3, 1863 at Little Round Top... I was there a few years ago, and I believe that if the Texans and Alabamians would have had just a little bit of a better game plan, they could have had the hill with virtually no casualties and JD would today be able to tell the New Jersey communists to eat S%^%& and Die!!! (If I am off on the days, it is not by much, and I apologize..) I do not even know how to tell you how sick I am that Texas and New Jersey are today a part of the same nation.. I am very well aware of the fact that there are good conservative people in New Jersey, and all I can say is that my heart truly goes out to them. They are the innocent slaves in Rome, and I pray for them.. Tu Primo
  14. Rifle Choice for Predator Hunting?

    JD, I would be sick at my stomach to see you lose this rifle. You cannot lose this rifle. That is not an option. You have something very special in that rifle - believe me, I know. I want more than anything to see you find a way to hang onto this rifle. Let me ask you this - this job that your wife has taken - is this looking like a really long term deal, or do you think she may have this job for just a few years and then move on to something else? I am wondering about the possibility that she may have this job for just a few years, then she moves on someplace else, and maybe you can be reunited with your rifle. I truly want to figure out a way that you can have your rifle in some kind of safe keeping - and then one day be reunited with it. Talk to me my friend.. All I can think of right now is F%^&* NEW JERSEY and the communist motherf#$%^&* that inhabit that unholy, godforsaken wasteland!!!! If the Texans had not LOST to the 20th Maine at Little Round Top at Gettysburgh, Pickett's Charge would never have even happened, Robert E. Lee would have marched UNOPPOSED into Washington, DC, and you would not be faced with the horrible spectre of having to turn your back on this very special rifle today!!! I am sorry - I am having a difficult time describing with words the anger I am feeling right now after having read your post, JD.. I am as proud as anyone else to be a Texan, but NOTHING can erase the fact that our ROCKET SCIENTIST ancestors VOLUNTARILY VOTED AWAY THEIR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY AFTER HAVING FOUGHT AND WON A WAR OF INDEPENDENCE!!!! Our ancestors were the ONLY CIVILIZATION IN WORLD HISTORY to have fought and won a war for independence, and then voluntarily vote away that independence!!! And now we and our children will have to pay the price for the votes of or ancestors. And then, as if that were not bad enough, they LOSE to the 20th MAINE at Little Round Top, and as a result, JD is faced with having to hand over one very special rifle! MAINE???? FOR CRYING OUT LOUD - MAINE??????? There is something horribly wrong with this planet - something horribly wrong indeed. Tu Primo
  15. Rifle Choice for Predator Hunting?

    Oh, but wait - I forgot!!! There is no legitimate sporting use for assault rifles!! DANG!!! WHY DO I KEEP FORGETTING THAT??? I cannot believe that I keep forgetting this accepted fact!! How can I be so stupid!!!???