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  1. Another successful NC Tundra Swan hunt

    TheOldPro, swan typically fly in groups 3-10 but it is not uncommon to see a loner. There is no way to tell the sex of the bird but a juvenile bird will have gray feathers on his neck vice white feathers. Slew, as far as guided hunts go, this is relatively affordable. $10 for the permit (lottery) and $100 for the guide (not included is the NC hunting license). Most taxidermist charge around $1000 because the swan are so difficult to deal with.
  2. Another successful NC Tundra Swan hunt

    I use 3.5" BBB's.
  3. It was a cloudy, windy, rainy day but that is what waterfowlers dream of. Six hunters, six tags filled.... four this was their first swan.
  4. Maine waterfowl trip

    My wife is a taxidermist and just finished a couple of mounts for me as a surprise for my recent return from deployment. I couldn't be happier. The standing mount she used to compete with and placed second!
  5. NC Tundra Swan

    Drew another tag this year. On deployment now hoping to get back in time to make the season.
  6. NC Tundra Swan

    Slew, not sure how far the hunting grounds are from Hilton Head. The hunting grounds start just north of Pamlico Sound/Neuse River and run all the way to the NE corner of the state. North Carolina issues 5000 swan permits annually. There are roughly 7500 applicants each year. Odds aren't bad. If you don't draw the first year then you will the second. July 1st you can purchase your "lottery" permit.
  7. NC Tundra Swan

    Thanks guys! The swan taste very similar to beef, believe it or not. Very good to eat. It's a relatively affordable hunt, even for an out-of-stater. You will have to purchase a hunting license prior to purchasing the swan "lotto" ticket. $65 license $10 swan tag $100-175 guide fee (they are a dime a dozen in the NE corner of the state) That leaves you with travel and rooms (the expensive part).
  8. Had a nice weekend of waterfowling

    That's a nice mixed bag!
  9. NC Tundra Swan

    My bud, Matt Chambliss, and I hunted swan in Hyde County, NC yesterday. This was his first swan and my second. Fun hunt.
  10. Went with a bud at B&B Waterfowl to do a layout hunt for scoters on Pamlico Sound. I was in a double layout with Mrs. Mustang and a bud was next to us in a single. Fun trip! The morning started out with mirrored over water, no wind and fog. By mid morning we had winds at 15-20 mph and a significant chop. Shot several birds inside of 5 yards! Ended up with a 3-man limit of black Scoter and one Bufflehead.
  11. Maine waterfowl trip

    More Maine pictures.
  12. Decided to head up to Maine for Common Eiders to add another species to my North American Waterfowl Slam. A bud and I set this up back in March. The Eider hunt was with Rising Sun Outfitters out of Machias, ME. We arrived a day early and stayed/hunted with Silverton Sporting Ranch out of Canaan, ME where I shot my first drake Black Duck and my bud, Steve, shot his first Mallard. The Eider hunt was a lot of fun. Huge birds! The first two days we shot four man limits of Common Eider. Ended up shooting a nice drake Old Squaw and Drake Surf Scoter on the last day of the Eider hunt. Added four new species to my slam (currently at 23 of 41). I'm fortunate that my wife is a taxidermist! I'll be deployed for next years deer/duck season so I might head to TX late winter/early spring 2017 for hogs and coyotes. Next trip will be to Alaska for King Eider and Harliquin.
  13. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Semper Fi!
  14. Whats the best way to make coffee in camp?

    I've had a 32 cup percolator from Cabelas for 6 years now. We take it in the camper, love that that thing! I also take it on my duck boat and boil up a pot as we are waiting on the divers to come in.