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    White Settlement 40 acres in Siera Blanca)
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    Hunting for my food. Dad beat into me you kill it you eat it.
    Hides are fun as well, learning how to properly tan hides for clothing.

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  1. sierra blanca tx, March 18-19

    From http://tpwd.texas.gov/regulations/outdoor-annual/licenses/hunting-licenses-and-permits A hunting license is not required to hunt the following: Coyotes, if the coyotes are attacking, about to attack or have recently attacked livestock, domestic animals or fowl. Depredating feral hogs, if a landowner (resident or non-resident) or landowner's agent or lessee is taking feral hogs causing depredation on the landowner's land. Fur-bearing animals, if the hunter possesses a trapper's license or if the fur-bearing animals are causing depredation. As it turned out my land was devoid of any signs of life. The only droppings in the area were from horses. Did see a couple road runners when I started the trip back. Need to dig a pond or something to attract critters. Bob
  2. hides/meat

    As you can see from my picture I have a vest made from a hog bottom half. In 2013 went on a hog hunt near Austin, I managed a 50lb baby boar using their dogs and a knife. Folks from San Antonio bagged a 535 lb boar, All they wanted was the head mount. I paid the cleaning fee and I got the bottom half tanned. My freezer was full, still have a chunk or so of the meat. I do role playing things, and I need hides to finish my outfit. Smaller guys to cover my boots, a couple larger ones for pants, and a couple to make the arms for my vest. and a fairly large head for a helm. Not expecting things for free. I do have skills in tanning so a frozen hide in dry ice shipped would be fine. If you have extra hides from your hunts send me an email and we can work things out. Coyote hides would be welcome as well. (my freezer always needs more meat if the price is right). My Dad beat into me at an early age if you kill it you use it. We ate all sorts of meat growing up. Would like to go on up close and personal hunts. nets and knifes vs. guns. (eventually I will get comfortable with a firearm) Thanks, Bob
  3. Nice fur on that. How much meat did it yield?
  4. My plans for this weekend fell through. is there room for a non-gun person? I use ThePocketShot, nets, and knifes. More up close and personal hunting.
  5. sierra blanca tx, March 18-19

    My plans were made well before joining this, Would like to join your 29th annual hunt except it conflicts with another event already planned.
  6. My first, and hopefully not last, auodad

    That hide would make a nice coat.
  7. sierra blanca tx, March 18-19

    Only kill what will fit in my freezer, heading there this Friday and staying the weekend.
  8. The Blonde and the Puzzle

    Not original, found on the web. A bunch of blondes walk into a restaurant celebrating and chanting "28 days, 28 days, it only took us 28 days!!" Everyone was wondering what took them 28 days and why they were celebrating. Finally, when the blondes were about to leave, a waiter goes up and asks "What took you 28 days, why are you celebrating??" All the blondes say "We just finished a puzzle in 28 days and on the box it said 3-6 years!!!"
  9. Hearing protection while hunting??

    Use a bow, no bang, no hearing loss.
  10. Another One Again

    How did you use the carcass? Kill it, eat it. If it was a baby was there enough meat for a snack? Baby snakes will kill you just as fast as the big ones.
  11. sierra blanca tx, March 18-19

    https://www.google.com/maps/dir/31.0580495,-105.3546357//@31.0596176,-105.3694265,6134m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e0 Just got 40 acres at the above location. I will be visiting it for the first time this weekend. The pictures of the area make it look like there are Coyotes, big cats, snakes, and more. What should I expect to find this time of year. OP mentioned ticks. ( need to make sure I have my tick shampoo) and smugglers of various kinds. I will be camping in my van. Arriving late Friday, the realtor suppose to meet me at the gas station at 9am to show me the place. Staying all day Sat, returning home on Sunday. Taking my hunting supplies just in case there is a critter that needs a nice warm bed in my solar oven. Just to verify TX resident does not need a permit/license for Coyotes, hogs, etc... If anyone wishes to join me that would be fun. Thanks, Bob
  12. Losing a Good Hunting Spot

    @TheOldPro, honey we need a divorce so I can marry this old crow and inherit the land, we can re-marry after she croaks
  13. Gander Mtn

    Just bought arrow tips and a bow fishing attachment from them. Prices are cheaper online, but you get a real person (sometimes a hottie) to talk to about your ideas and how the items will work.
  14. Losing a Good Hunting Spot

    Bwana, make her an offer on the land, let her remain. Or you could propose to her and inherit it when you become a widower.