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  1. .300 Blackout 8 pt

    Took my second deer with my .300 Blackout and my hunting load, 125 gr SST with A1680 powder.
  2. Rifle Choice for Predator Hunting?

    Remington 700 AAC SD chambered in .300 Blackout

    This is my DPMS, Noveske, Seekins Precision SPR build with Silencerco Omega/Specwar hybrid suppressor, Vortex 2.5-10x32 FFP, and Wicked Lights red light.
  4. Thank you, Bobcat. I will try posting from my phone next time. I have a nilgai bull picture to share.
  5. Pain Piller, I agree on the heat. It's tough to hunt in this heat. Can't wait for cooler weather when the coyotes and nilgai will start stirring again.
  6. SilencerCo Salvo 12

    Very nice! I'll have my Salvo 12 in a few months. I can't wait.
  7. Welcome!

    I have used both Suppressed Tactical Solutions in Edinburg and Capitol Armory in Austin. I highly recommend both. Also, I have experience with Silencerco, Yankee Hill Machine, and Gemtech suppressors. I recommend them all and will add that Silencerco's customer service is second to none.
  8. Another one last night

    Did any of them rattle?
  9. Thank you, TheOldPro. I will look him up. I posted another picture this morning and it seems to have transferred right side up.
  10. Strugglin' In the Heat

    Sounds exciting, Coyote. Where can I see the video/s? FYI, I doubled up on these guys this past weekend.
  11. During the summer, I will only hunt at night and during the first and last hour of daylight. I recently got a double on these coyotes at 5am.