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  1. New Posse Facebook Group

    Just never been a fan of, interested in or had a need for Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. I have enjoyed this site and wondering if there is any way to maintain a mailing list to notify of the Posse Hunts...which I every intention to make once I finally retire Thanx
  2. Went by the SA store couple of days ago, all camo was 50% off including under armor
  3. Gander Mtn

    Saturday stopped by San Antonio store that is closing, big banner out front 30% off, however once you get inside changes to 10-30% with very few 30%. Also disclaimer no discount on firearms or ammo; since I was there I bought several boxes of 410 slugs for my Bond, Checked my receipt and they gave 15% off..so who knows. Will go back in a couple of weeks to check to see if I can get a deal on a scope
  4. LER Leupold

    After thinning out my contender barrels I find myself with an orphan Leupold LER 3x9 scope. I have an 2 AR-15 uppers that need scopes, is there any feasibility to using this type of scope on an AR-15 platform. If anyone is using one would like to hear any comments about the setup. Prefer to use what I have and not have to buy another. Thanx
  5. Old .303 British Enfield Question

    I have a 303 which I really enjoy shooting. Ammo readily available thru Pri Parizan and other manufactures, I also reload for mine. If I do my part; mine shoots fairly accurate. Hopefully I will get a chance to use it on some South Texas hawgs in the future