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  1. I know that there are several guys out there that will troll, playing the call while driving around. I am curious if anyone would want to give some advice or pointers for trolling? We have had mixed success while trolling. We are in an area where there are a lot of foxes, and we want maximize the amount of foxes we see in a hunt.
  2. Any tips? Here around Robert Lee there are coyotes, but they are very skittish and extremely cautious. In fact, the only coyotes I have ever killed here were when I was deer hunting and they happened by. We have never called in a coyote to closer than 300 yards. We hear them when we are out calling, but we have had zero luck getting one close enough to actually get a shot at. I know the basics of what I need to do as far as setup, wind, etc. I have made it my mission to call in a coyote and kill it this year, and I would love some input from you guys.
  3. How Often?

    We try to mix it up a lot. We have a Foxpro (which everyone and their dog has), we have a Western Rivers (which I like because it has a bunch of different sounds that Foxpro doesn't have), and we hand call.
  4. How long do you guys wait between hunts on the same property? I know that animals will/can be pressured too much, I am curious as to what is a good rule of thumb when calling, a week, two weeks, a month, more?
  5. Thanks all for the feedback. We are in the process of building a new rack, and we plan on adding four 30" light bars to start with. Jeff - I am a big fan of your show.
  6. Next question, anyone have the LED light bars mounted to their rack and leave them constantly on and running?
  7. We scan with headlamps too, that and a Coyote Light. There are three of us that hunt together, two of us believe in running them continuously, the other hates that we do it. I was just curious what others were doing.
  8. My hunting buddy and I were having a discussion today about running our lights when calling. We were wondering what the majority of you guys do. Do you run your lights continuously, or do you scan with them, turn them off and then scan again? Do you scan until you get eyes and then turn them off and turn them back on as the animal is approaching? We have always been in the run our lights continuously crowd.