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  1. Few calls

    Few calls in stock for sale! Squirrel calls on top $25 each. 3 Fatal Step coaxer-bird $19 each 1 Kenmore Kottontail $27.75
  2. Newest call

    Thank you.
  3. Newest call

    Have not been doing much since I had back surgery but its time to get back in the shop more. Here is my newest design and sound that I will be offering. https://youtu.be/6ripADZEdSU
  4. Howler sound video

    Just a video of my howler sounds, thanks for watching. https://youtu.be/xrbw_kVviLw
  5. Wicked vs Sniper Hog Light video

    Did a quick video comparison. Hav a herniated disk in my back so unable to stand long but it gives the basics. https://youtu.be/mfRliBaI5g8
  6. My email is ccash570@comcast.net if you would like an application please email me. Also here is link to my call page so you can look around.http://www.facebook.com/CashsCustomCalls
  7. My "Kenmore Kottontail" sound

    Thank you. I use the Chicken distress a lot here.
  8. I started trying to do some self filming on my night hunts this year with a cheap camera. Its fun but not very easy, lol. Here is a clip of 2 stands from last night!! https://youtu.be/tki-Meh44gc
  9. My "Kenmore Kottontail" sound

    When I get caught up with Christmas stuff I will post a call for sale from time to time. Thought in the mean time I would share my signiture tune I call the "Kenmore Kottontail", I love this sound!! https://youtu.be/byewVQZTGls
  10. Bird distress-coaxer

  11. Bird distress-coaxer

    Here is a video of my bird distress-coaxer calls i make called the fatal Step i thought i would share with yall. https://youtu.be/bcvMW9z3zK4