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  1. My son and I did some running and gunning the first night with Ryan and were able to connect on 2 does within 15 mins of each other. He ran us around a few different pastures with some crazy looking wildlife, we even got to see a white Buffalo. I had just finished building my 6.8SPC and this was the perfect time to get her broken in right. I got to shoot first and I dropped my doe at 212 yds with a double lung shot that didn't hit either shoulder so more meat for the freezer!! Not even 10 minutes after loading mine up my son was able to shoot his at about 80 yds. He made a good shot but she was tougher than mine and decided to run about 75-80yds. We let her sit as we went to pick up Sarge, came back to where Ryan threw his hat down, did a short track on her and recovered her. Three shooters, 4 Deer in the buggy on the first night was pretty darned good.
  2. My son and I are at Whataburger in Ingram. We can't wait!!
  3. Is there somewhere we can confirm zero on our rifles?
  4. My son and I will be there. We can't wait and my number is 254-258-0364
  5. I figured there would be something, I'm just ready to start hunting!!
  6. I know it's early, but what will we need to bring other than guns and hunting related items? Any gun type/caliber restrictions?
  7. Please let me know when you receive the deposit. It should be there any day now.
  8. Sounds good I'll see y'all there!!

    Here is my recent 6.8 SPC upper build and my 5.56 upper is below the shotgun. Lower Details: Mega Forged Lower MagPul MOE grip MagPul non-adj stock Geissele 2 stage trigger (such a sweet trigger) 6.8 Upper AR15 Performance 18" Barrel ARP Vortex 2 port brake ARP NiB Supebolt Mega Billet Upper Seekins Precesion NOX handguard Leupold Cantilever mount Bushnell scope (Will be purchasing a Vortex Hog Hunter) 5.56 Upper Daniel Defense CHF 14.5" Barrel Mega Arms Forged Upper Surefire brake(pinned to make it legal and meet the 16" minimum) ALG Defense handguards Sightmark Holographic sight
  10. Thanks for adding me to the list. I sent a deposit of $300 for 2 spots to the address provided and it should be there in a couple days. I have some questions: 1. Will I need to save a doe tag for this hunt? 2. Is there an opportunity to harvest a doe with a bow? 3. I know you said no room for non-hunters but what about my 4 year old son? He's been asking to go hunting and this might be my only opportunity to get him in a stand with me this year.
  11. I would like to sign up for myself and my son. I will get a money order today and get it in the mail.
  12. I'll take a spot. Is it 1 spot per Adult and Youth or 1 spot for each person? My son and I want to come out so I just need however many spots that equates to.