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  1. Posse Lower Receivers

    I'd like to find out about a lower, need to build a new ar since my girl is after mine.
  2. My shotgun and rifles.

    Just for recreational use I want to get a Zel Customs Mfg. Tactilite T2 upper conversion in a .338 Lapua Magnum or .50BMG, or the Safety Harbor .50BMG upper conversion, both fit directly on your stock AR lower with no modification, both are left side magazine fed bolt action. http://www.tactilite.com/Tactilite-T2-Upper-Receiver-p/t2.htm http://www.safetyharborfirearms.com/index.php/products/shtf-uppers/shtf-50-mag-fed-upper-conversion-detail
  3. My shotgun and rifles.

    Gladly, I'll have to save up some more $, just spent a lot building my current ar, I like the spikes tactical/TPP lower, will probably go with a 24" stainless bull barrel with a BCM upper, bolt carrier group, charging handle, and their 13"KMR "Key Mod Rail", Millett mildot 6x25x50 scope and a 45* offset Bushnell 2x24 night vision setup.
  4. My shotgun and rifles.

    My 56' Winchester Model12 12ga. 2-3/4, 67' Winchester model L190 semi-auto tube feed .22 S/L/LR, Remington 30-06, Remington 7mm Rem Mag, and my TFS Genesis/BCM Gunfighter AR15 5.56NATO/.233REM.
  5. New range in Terrell Tx. 1500yds.

    A new range has opened in Terrell called Northeast Texas Tactical Range, this is a 1500yd. range with a 20ft. tall covered shooting platform. This is the longest range in my area, check out their site, and, yes, I do know they are temporarily closed, still check it out. http://northeasttexastactical.com/
  6. A few of my sidearms.

    A few of my toys, my Springfield 1911-A1 Range Officer 5.5" government model, Glock22 .40cal., Russian military issue Makarov .380, and a S&W 500 Ultra Mag.
  7. I actually hit four all together out of that group, 2 sows and 2 boar piglets in less than 30 seconds.
  8. Thanks, yeah,she did a front flip when I tagged her. I hit 3 more out of the same group. I will post a pic in a few from my laptop.
  9. I'd hate to get hurt around your house. LOL Thanks.
  10. Nice Grey Fox

    Nice fox, must be plenty of rabbits there too.