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  1. I have a pulsar apex xd50a thermal
  2. Old pro- the bobcat in the middle was the first stand and he came across a big pasture. Bobcat- I hope my luck continues. Thanks
  3. I went out Friday night for a couple hours I called 3 spots and got a shot on all 3, on the last stand I had 4 different coyotes respond but 2 got down wind and the other just wasn't interested. The last coyote came within 10 yards of the truck but I was waiting for my scope recorder to come on and by the time it came in he was running wide open but I shot him right before he made it to the tree line. All 3 were called in using the Bullet HP and using the sound "Byron's go to" thanks for looking.
  4. Thanks Bob, Byron is definately the man when it comes to predator hunting!
  5. I have a little grey fox I'm wanting to mount. Who does good work that y'all would recommend. What should I expect to pay? Thanks
  6. Old pro thanks the files were too big. I resized all photos and it worked great thanks.
  7. Sorry having an electronic meltdown!
  8. For some reason it quit letting me attatch any more files? Me and electronics don't get along too good
  9. I have had some bad luck this past year and been discouraged wondering what I have been doing wrong. Well as it turns out I haven't been doing anything wrong but I have added a couple tools that sure seemed to help. The first is a Pulsar Apex XD 50 thermal and the second is the Convergent Hunting Solutions Bullet HP. I am really impressed with the Bullet, I have been calling coyotes for about 4 or 5 years now and have had decent success, but something about that call. I haven't called a single coyote in that took over 7 minutes to come to the call, in fact I have had most of them come in less than 3 minutes which is pretty impressive to me. I got to watch a bobcat come across a field and charge the call like a coyote would. It has great sounds and the decoy being up a little higher off the ground is money in the bank. Here a few pics of some of the success I have had here recently. In a months time I have called in and killed 17 coyotes, a fox and a bobcat. I hope it continues and thanks for looking. Here are some of the pics
  10. Times are tough

    Yes bobcat I forgot to mention I use a mojo spinning decoy. I have been calling pastures and little 100-200 yard openings surrounded by woods. Also I am curious if I'm having bad luck as a lot of my spots aren't far from a road. One place in particular I am calling towards the woods but the road is 30 yards to my back. You can't see the road though because the fence line is so grown up
  11. Times are tough

    E calls and hand calls. I mix it up I wear full camo in day light and just dark clothes at night. I'm giving it 20-25 minutes before leaving. I've been starting e call out on 1/4 volume for a couple minutes then I may give it a break for a minute or 2 and after a bit will turn it up to 1/2 volume. I have done coyote vocals non interrogation mainly and birds and rabbits in distress. I have been using the pup in distress quite a bit too.
  12. I have been hard at it and can't seem to catch a break. I have been hunting right at sunrise calling about 2 stands and mainly at night I can't catch a break I bet I have called 40 or 50 stands in the past 2 1/2 months. I know this isn't the ideal time to call but dang. Not 1?!?
  13. Do y'all still hunt during the summer or wait until fall to start back. I know it can be tough during the summer but last summer I hunted every other weekend or so and only killed 2 coyotes. I can't seem to pass up the opportunity if I have a chance to go. Just wondering what y'all do or strategy you use for summer months