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  1. Good work guys. Few things in life as fun as riding with Tinker when targets of opportunity are present.
  2. Is A Neck Sizing Die the Only Way to Go Here?

    Is a scout type mount an option you might want to investigate? See the Mk-70 No. 1Mk III option near the bottom of the page. It mounts forward in place of youtncurrent rear sight. http://www.scopemounts.com/index.html?instapics.html
  3. Enfield .303 Questions, Part 2

    OP - Are the holes on the left and right of the receiver, where the charger bridge used to be, treaded? Ir they are then I am wondering how difficult it would be to manufacture a bracket to mount a red dot sight on. A thought from a curious, but essentially red neck, mind.
  4. Is A Neck Sizing Die the Only Way to Go Here?

    I purchased an ATI smithless mount for my sporter (link below). The jury is still out on it. First time out the mount worked itself loose just after getting zeroed. After sitting in the vault awhile I dismounted and reattached the mount with the assistance of some epoxy and a more liberal dose of blue Loctite. The mount now seems stable but the recycled bubble pack scope I chose to use is now suspects fete the second trip to the range. Needs one more trip to the range to make a call on whether to trash the current scope and try a different one or not. I'm afraid the bad news for you with my solution is the smithless mount requires the stripper clip bridge to be in place and I think that means it won't work on your gun due to a prior modification. The good news for you might be take it to a local smith and see what he would charge to drill and tap the gun for mounts. It seems you have nothing to loose but his fee given your current investment in the gun. If he can take care of you for a reasonable fee then you have a great little rig for toting just about anywhere. Shorter barreled 30 cal stopping power in a form factor that doesn't care about scratches, dents, dings or a little more pitting due to exposure to the elements. What more can you ask for than a shooter that doesn't care how you treat it? I also included a link to an alternative DIY mount from Addley Prescision if your open to drilling and tapping the gun. Watch that video and let me know if your try that route. ATI http://www.atigunstocks.com/enfield-scope-mount-no-1-mk-3 Addley Precision http://addleyprecision.com/scope-mounts/
  5. Is A Neck Sizing Die the Only Way to Go Here?

    Getting fun to shoot now. And thus the "like" affair with the .303 has begun.... Next thing you know your going to want a scope because you know you have the Umph to reach out and touch something at more than 50 yards. Enjoy it. Don't you like knowing you have 10 in the magazine when all those Mauser, Springfield and Nagant guys only have 5?
  6. Enfield .303 Questions, Part 2

    OP - I'm reasonably sure your gun started life as a No1 Mk III. I definitely agree with the opinion that it has been sporterized by Bubba or one of his cousins but that's half the fun isn't it. The second Enfield I have is also a 1942 Mk III which has been sporterized, albeit a touch more gracefully than yours. Part or the reason I wanted to stick with the Mk III was to minimize my parts inventory. Enjoy popping hogs and anything else you get to shoot with it. PS - I really wish I could have been there to witness the test firing
  7. Is A Neck Sizing Die the Only Way to Go Here?

    Great read guys. My Enfield is a 1917 No1 Mk III. I haven't put half the thought and effort into my reloads for this gun as you have. Pure laziness on my part and a willingness to accept my 'generous' military chamber, which displays the same expansion OP's pics display when comparing new ammunition to my fired brass, would inevitably lead to short case life My initial brass came from a 300 round canister of Greek ball ammo. After attempting neck sizing only on my first batch or two of reloads I switched to full case sizing due to inconsistency with 'sticky' rounds. I have had two cases separate on me with one being the third loading. I am sure the full sizing contributes to my shorter case life but I am ok with that since I have a total of 600 cases now and don't expect I'll ever get to shoot it enough to wear them all out. An interesting note on my gun, cases do not seem to expand uniformly. While I haven't measured them they appear to be lopsided, visually appearing to show uneven signs of brass flow In that area forward of the web, about where Marks paper clip picture indicated stretching / case thinness. My speculation is that my chamber is not cut square to the bore but I couldn't prove it. Again, thanks for the good information and the tip about the paper clip.
  8. I Have to Brag a Little......

    Great post OP. When you have awesome grand-young-uns like that you've got to share with others. Please pass on my congratulations to her and know that you and your wife continue to be in my prayers. GDH
  9. 27th Posse Hog Hunt-Hunt Report

    Ben was kind enough to share some notes he made on Saturday even. He's a much better writer than I am. 6:44: Tonight is going to be a good night if what Brady told me is true. Lots of hogs bedding just behind where the feeder is. Great stand position, 180° of uninhibited range, maybe 75 yards from feeder. Spotted an armadillo out by the right side of the protein feeder already. Hot as heck in this blind. Already sweating through my shirt a bit. I'm upwind of the feeder so I'll have to be extra diligent about keeping unnecessary windows closed, despite the heat. 6:56: Gorgeous pair of redheaded ducks just landed in the puddle next to the feeder. A minute later, count is at 18 ducks. 7:35: Two young bucks show up, just barely beginning to grow fur on their antlers. It's a veritable ecosystem with the division of ducks, a trio of armadillos, the pair of bucks, and a lone raven fighting some of the ducks for corn. The sun has finally dropped below the treeline so the stand is cooling down a bit. I'm a smidge worried about my water supply, given all that I've sweat out, but I should be okay. Half a camelbak and a bottle of Gatorade should be fine. 7:50: THREE more budding bucks show up, visually confirmed by the brand spanking new set of glass around my neck right now. $50000 of things I can break, just a few feet away from me. The sun looks beautiful on the water and the stand has now gone from oven status to toaster. Two more bucks showed up after writing this. $70000 all congregating at one single protein feeder. I'd take a Mercedes over a few pissed off young bucks but this will work. The irony of my choice in snack, Corn Nuts, is palpable. Here I sit in a "stealthy" metal box (3 shots just went off at 7:57- Dad?) while I watch small animals eat corn from a big feeder sitting in supposed harmony. Meanwhile, some unknown-to-me entity eats some other corn-based product while he watches me sitting in a manner similar to the animals I gaze upon with hungry eyes. Your daily quasi-philosophical ramblings brought to you by Ben. 8:07: Another two bucks appeared. $90000 of venison. There is now a cacophony of god knows what calls going on directly behind me and off by the feeder. Possibly one below me. 8:23: The ducks and one buck left, to be replaced by a solitary owl perching itself on a vertical stick on the edge of the water. I've never seen an owl in the wild before, and with its outline framed by the water I must say it looks pretty cool. But I want hogs, damnit! 9:05: Got a family of hogs at the protein feeder for about 3 minutes and then they left. I got greedy and wanted to plink the sow which was behind cover while the piglets ate in the open. darned greed. 10:19: Nothing but darned raccoons for the past hour, and a lone deer who looked lost that I guided with my flashlight for a while. Fun, but not pork. One shot rings out. The coons finally left, a good thing (I think) 11:20: A deer and a raccoon and a possum walk into a protein dispenser. They all get pissed off at each other and leave. The observant, but unwise deer keeps looking at the woods behind the feeder like something is there. The raccoon, offended that the possum got more corn than itself, shoos the possum away. The possum, however, is determined and wants the corn. The deer finally decides enough is enough and leaves the haunted feeder. The possum, wanting more food, returns to the feeder with the intent to confront the racoon. The raccoon however has help arrive and convinced he is the rightful heir to the power vacuum in the dynamic of the feeder, shoos the determined possum off yet again. However, before Possum can slink away to not be seen again, a shot rings out and frightens the raccoons away. The possum, lowly and humble, is victorious as he plays possum near a puddle adjacent to the now empty feeder. The end. 12:02: shot, followed by another at 12:10 12:20: Things are slow. That's why I thought two deer coming up to the feeder was noteworthy. Too lazy to make a story up for these two, but I think it's a safe assumption that the lesser buck is the concubine of the other. Deer social dynamics have a feudal taste to them, which allows for such antiquated practices. However, I have been unable to study the social practices of the fiendish Porkinius baconistra, or common pig. Yet. 1:02: Coyote calls in the distance and occasional bursts of honking. I know the things I want to shoot are out there, yet they don't peek their ugly heads out. Two deer that have been here for 15 minutes or so are reunited with their posse of six. Quite possibly some of the same deer that were here earlier. It's strange watching them adapt to the motion lights. They jump a bit when the lights turn on and slowly sulk into the shadows again. Not that it really matters anyway, they're as safe as Hindu cows on this ranch, aside from coyotes and unskilled shooters. A particularly bold one stays in the light and feeds for maybe 15 seconds, then hears something and leaps off into the darkness again. 1:16: Though earlier I loathed my metal box for being too hot and humid, now it's cooled down to where I feel as though I have a blanket on all the time. A bit humid, but that's unavoidable. I reach my hand outside sometimes and feel the brisk air on my skin. It's nice not having to wear my sweatshirt or Marshall's carhart yet. I can just relax in a tee shirt and be just cozy. The determined Possum is back after a trip to god knows where and has taken up his regular spot by the deer, now accompanied with other deer. I had a chance to shoot Possum and Raccoon with one bullet earlier- they were lined up side by side- but I was too slow to take the shot before they lost their perfect alignment. There's a small part of me glad for sparing the possum. 1:34: I changed my mind about Possum and shot through his donkey into Raccoon's face. They were aggrivating me. At least now his pain is over. 2:03: Hearing some pig-eque squealing from the treeline beyond the feeder. Deep squeals, if there is such a thing. I hope this is a biggun. 2:39: No pork yet, but the animals have returned. The pack of deer and one raccoon have rejoined the party at the protein feeder. They gingerly step over the corpses of their once-alive friends as if they were a cactus. Animals don't have a strong concept of death. .... 4:47: I'm not sure how long I was asleep, maybe an hour, but there's not much left in the night. I hear hogs, but they don't leave the treeline. Eyes are heavy. Wonder how dad's doing. 5:53: Two deer have been spending time by the feeder. I'm so used to them they're like raccoons to me now. I hear pigs in the treeline, maybe 100 yards deep into it. I'm salivating at thw thought of their juicy flesh slowly getting crispy over a fire. Well, maybe I'm just hungry. I want the sunrise to be soon so I can have a bit of light to use on the last moments in the hunt. The way I imagine it, the hogs will start coming back to their bedding site at the end of their "day" and I'll have a chance to get some. Fingers crossed. Ben
  10. 27th Posse Hog Hunt-Hunt Report

    Victoria TX, Stand C4, second night Gordon Ranch. Protein feeder on left 111 yds. Expect pigs left to right, crossing over the fence line to your left. Don't shoot over the fence line. Big tree to right of feeder is 109. To the front is corn feeder. 46.5 yards. 40 to light box on left. 70 to vegetation behind feeder. One big tree at 22 to right of feeder with pair behind it at 37/40. 52 yds to back vegetation. Another large tree right at 20 yds. 53 yes to tree line and tree on ground. 23 yds to trees and road on the right. 6:48 first visitor is an armadillo crossing the road on the left. 6:57. Scare the bejesus out of me. The feeder went off while I was typing - LOL. Darn it's hot in here but I'm keeping windows to a minimum to keep from being winded. 7:10. 6 cardinals and one fat dove under the corn feeder. I suppose that's the early bird special. 7:12 2 does and a fawn emerged on the left just like the hogs should. They step into the path of the protein feeder at 82 yards and slowly work their way to the feeder. At 7:20 a 4th deer joins from behind the group at the feeder. This fourth deer is not welcome. A doe keeps shooing him away until he finally assumes a station in the road at 139 yds. 7:32 the deer leave and exit left around 125 yds. 7:35. A buck enters at 35 yes followed in a minute by a larger one. They pass separately in front of me within 22 yards. I take pics like the tourist I am. Hopefully their passing is an indication that sweating my donkey off with the windows as closed as possible is paying off. 7:40. The bucks are now under the corn feeder and a pair of does are coming up the road from behind the protein feeder. The current deer count is 8 with 2 confirmed buck in velvet. 7:48. Possible pig movement to the left. Rifle up and ready. Hopeful of engagement. 7:57. Cluster of 8-11 pigs charge into the feeder. I shoot at the next to largest and launch 2 extra shots as they scatter. Nothing I can confirm hit. Texts fly among the party. 8:16. The adrenaline is still pumping. Hog sounds still in the area. They charged in and that shook me up. Time to calm down. Breathe easy squeeze and put the little suckers down next time they come in. While we call it hunting that felt like it should have been gathering. I suspect I was more worried about trying to make a second shot than I was about ensuring the first shot. 8:27. Coon at the protein feeder. I keep hearing heavy movement off to the left expecting them to charge in. Patience is a virtue my friends. I shall pray for some and center myself. 8:33. Deer joins coon at protein feeder keeping it all lit up. 9:18 and all has been quiet for a while. 9:21. The main green feeder light died. Have the very small white light working only. 9:53. 4 coons at the feeder. They line up as 2 for 1 shot and even 3 for 1 once. The 3 for 1 was awful tempting but I passed on the opportunity. I hope I don't regret that. 10:15. Lone coon trips the left hand corn feeder light a couple of times. The first he is back and left. Almost behind the tree. He eventually wanders back home to the left. 10:45. All quiet. Had a forward light flash and I couldn't identify what tripped it. Too much excitement for me. A little while ago two more deer made a quick visit to the protein feeder. 11:13. Coon to the protein feeder. 1 light cycle and he's gone. Watched him cross the road in the moon light and go home. 11:41. Eyelids are getting heavy. Rested my chin on the window and that is dangerous. Too comfortable and sleep is too close. Here piggy piggy piggy. I need some of that action. Even coons at the feeder are engaging and to some degree stimulating. Is Ben napping? He hasn't replied to two texts. 11:45 pm. Ben responded. He has a possum and a skittish deer. My response : I hope it is ugly, nasty and soon to be dead pigs. Regretting my miss earlier. I should never miss at 50 yards. 11:57. Multiple texts to Ben. He had piglets and they escaped. A young buck just tripped the light. The second time he tripped it something scared him and he bolted. Pigs inbound perhaps? There are now 3 deer at my protein feeder. 12:15. Lights at both feeders tripped in last 5 minutes. I am hopeful. Didn't see the cause at either. Don't see anything out there either. 12:20 another deer coming to the protein. Spotted him crossing the road. It's a great moon in the bottoms tonight. 2 deer when the light tripped. These guys are skittish but entertaining. I needed them to show up. 12:45. The deer finally leave. They walked down the road towards me before cutting right back into the brush about 75-80 yes away. They may pop out at the corn feeder next or they may be gone for the night. 12:55. I hope I don't regret that 5 Hour Energy I just drank........ Finally a lone, yet lame coyote howls in the distance. Maybe it was just a dog even. 1:02. Distant coyotes. Good 20 second burst of pup sounding nature. It resumes and lasts a little longer. 1:32. Somebody pulled the trigger. Sounded like it could have been the .243. Ben confirms a possum/coon double on one shot. Btw. My coon crapped himself getting out of here when Ben pulled the trigger. Lucky coon. He was in the cross hairs. 1:45 appears to be a pig around 140 from protein. I light him up with the green light to confirm his piggy ness and he runs north. Hopefully he will circle around to the east and visit the corn feeder. I stick my head out the window to listen and I would swear I smelled pig indicating the very light wind is in my favor. 2:10 Runaway coon returns to the feeder from the left, the same direction he ran to earlier. Come on pigs. 2:21. Dang. I just knew pigs would come around in a few minutes. Not looking so good now. 2:43 2 coon at corn feeder. Takes 3 min to trip the light. Good moon allows me to see them before the light comes on. 2:55. Not sure how the coon got on top of the protein feeder but he did. He's a long armed thief pulling that feed out of the holes meant for deer! 4:23. Down to one coon out front. All in for a morning pick up. Time to take a nap in hopes of an early morning ambush as the feeder. Powering down the phone to conserve the little bit of battery I have left. Don't want it to die and not be able to call my ride like last night 6:05. Clown hopping, back flipping, protein thief of a coon is back and I am awake again, somewhat,,,, Now I see how the coon got on top of the feeder. I'm fully comfortable and can feel sunrise coming. Contact lenses a little cloudy but I'm good 6:17. A lone deer, it's skittish. Lone deer turns into 7 deer. 4 are confirmed bucks in velvet. I watch them for 30-40 minutes. Eventually they leave 6:55 even the coons have gone now. Wait, is that a squirrel at the feeder? I think this hunt and this squirrel is done.
  11. 27th Posse Hog Hunt-Hunt Report

    Ben and I had a great time at the ranch again. So good I fact that Ben has suggested this be an annual event for us. I like the idea but I can't wait until he can pay his own way . As Bob mentioned a special thanks to my cousin, Katina Arterberry and Uncle Mutt's BBQ on Navarro in Victoria for a delicious dinner. I've never prepared a meal so tasty or effortlessly, oh wait, I didn't prepare it.... that's probably why it was so tasty. Hunting with Tailgunner and his father Jim was a pleasure and I would like to thank both of those Marines for their service to our country. I'd also like to thank Brady for his service with the 10th Mountain Division. As Bob mentioned the hog count was light this year mostly due to the weather but I appreciate the effort Brady and Marshall put in to putting us where hogs would be. Personally, I can't ask for better. I saw hogs both evenings and I failed to execute when a shot presented itself on Saturday evening. If I can get it pulled off of m phone I will post my in-blind journal for Saturday night. It's not the polished prose that Bob or Tinker publish when they summarize their hunts but it does help me to stay awake when the eyelids get heavy and serves as a record for future reference. A
  12. 27th Posse Hog Hunt-Final Planning!

    I've been light with my visits to the board lately. I suppose that's a good thing since it means I have a job and family to keep me busy. If you guys are ok with burgers and brats for dinner on Saturday the put me and Ben down for that.
  13. 270 lb Boar!

    DNS - Great video and commentary as always. Please keep posting.
  14. Update on the wife's situation

    Keeping you and your wife in my prayers. Stay strong and trust in God.

    My new 6.8 SPC build. Nothing special, essentially a 'budget' gun. I look forward to getting it out to the range soon.