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  1. AR Torture Test!

    watched this one a couple months ago too awesome.....glad I wasn't the operator.
  2. Mig welder for home use??

    Well after all I wrote, I would still go with the Hobart Handler 140 it handles both flux cored wire or solid wire. And its 110 volts.
  3. Mig welder for home use??

    I would look into the Hobart Handler 140, I have the 135 but it is about 9+ yrs old I have built 2 custom bikes and a host of other things with this exact welder it is a very good choice IMO plus they are quite a bit less than the other 2. Keep in mind with a Lincoln or a Miller part of that price is in the name. I was out in the garage yesterday welding up a seat pan on my custom bike. I like the 110 voltage rating so I can take it anywhere I want as long as there is a power outlet I can weld. The other 2 welders that are set up for the other welding processes are basically a waste to do any quality tig welding you need 220 volts dedicated to that welding process. Stick welding I again personally wouldn't try to weld sheet metal especially on a car it is too thin unless you are a real good welder, you WILL burn through and make a mess of your whole project. Besides mig welding is so easy compared to the other two.
  4. Unwelcome Welcome on another forum

    WOW those sound like a couple forums that I really NEED to join..........................NOT!!!!!!
  5. Gun Law Seminar

    saved to my favorites so I can explore at will.
  6. More p***ed Off

    Pardon my ignorance what are SBR's?
  7. Pet Load for 53 gr Vmax

    you need to fill in some more info..... caliber gun, rate of twist, custom gun/barrel, On another note you can go online to get load data for your particular setup and do some experimenting (that's part of the fun)

    Well I counted 4 A's in both the name of the Yahoo in office and his real title as it is rearranged. But I concure OP there is an A hole there no matter how you slice it.
  9. New Property

    60,000 acres to cover with just two men I think your going to be stretched thin..... you should enlist some help, hint hint hint.
  10. pig of a different color

    nice pig, almost a calico just darker cool.
  11. sounds like a double post to me.
  12. keep the light on while on stand, with the light I use I turn the dimmer switch way down while scanning and calling, you will have to play with the intensity of the light your using as to the range it picks up eye reflection, once you pick up eyes you should just follow them in if you need to turn it up do so just enough to keep them in view, when you feel they are in your range just crank it up and squeeze one off. As for spooking animals off I have seen it first hand(don't ask how I know) but with that said your more likely to spook them off with movement, noise, and the killer WIND. More often than not a coyote will circle down wind of the call that is why setup is the most important factor.
  13. Awesome sounds like a great time.