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    Retired farmer,pilot. Big game hunting,wing shooting and now predator hunting. Really love shooting woodchucks from the pickup window with a 22 hornet.

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  1. Hey Guys, I lost access to my P dog hunting ground just south of Kadoka South Dakota. The ranchers all poisoned them. Just cant seem to get access to a good pdog area any where. Any suggestions? Yes we always pay them a trespass fee. Coyote assasin
  2. I will drop what I,m doing to go P Dog shootin! Let me know, Coyote Assasin
  3. 23rd Posse Hog Hunt-April 25-27, 2014

    Howdy Boys, Where is the nearest airport? Coming from Michigan. Coyote assasin
  4. at the risk of offending someone.........

    Fantastic!, In Michigan we now have biggest muslim population in the US. Specifically Dearborn which of course was brought to fame by Henry Ford. They have calls for prayer to Mecca over the loud speakers, don,t want in God We Trust on our money and refuse to say the Pledge of Allegence. Mosques are common. They arent coming,they are here. Always pack heat if you go east of the Detroit Airport. Your first clue is bullet proof glass and bars on all the windows at stores and gas stations. Abilene seems like heaven to me. Coyote assasin, Bob