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    Hunting, hunting, sometimes some more hunting!-)

    Besides: History, reenactment, my dog (Deutscher Wachtelhund named Wickie), swordfight, all kind of weaponry (not just firearms)

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  1. 6 weeks ago...

    too bad that bowhunting isn´t allowed in Germany:-(
  2. 6 weeks ago...

    well, that boar was my first (and only) kill this year - but I keep on going after them!
  3. Boars were visiting "our" cornfields (german leasetakers are obliged to pay for the damage the boars do) and plundering them for some time, so Nico and me thought, we should do something about it - Nico sat on a small ladder right next to the cornfield, I was sitting on a blanket, leaned on a tree 60 ft behind the field, my Savage 110 in.338 Lapua Magnum on my lap. I arrived at 2100hrs, making myself comfy, reading on my e-bookreader... when at 21:30 heard some noise in the thicket a 100 ft to my left - BOARS! But they didn´t come out, so I let them be... meanwhile (around 22:00hrs) I got a SMS from Nico that he´s on the small ladder (text "don´t shoot in this direction"!-)... So far, so good - nothing happened for a while, I was reading a bit, dozing a bit... and then, at around 23:30h I heard some noise in the thicket to my left! I got very excited, ´cause it sounded like a bunch of boars coming up the hill! And then I saw some movement to my left, right at the edge of the thicket, while most of the other noise was further down the didge - and in the the "green moon", I could see this boar, looking right at me (but not noticing the green light). I took aim and watched it thru my scope, it was head on to me, so possibility to take a clean shot - it took a felt 2 hours (actually, it was like a minute) for the boar to turn and for me to shoot *BOOOOM* and off it went. Both Nico, who came over from his ladder, and me check for blood or any other signs that I hit, but we found... NOTHING! I was sure I hit, but can You ever be sure in darkness? So I took my Land Rover Defender, went the mile home and got my German Wachtelhund - arriving back to waiting Nico, I put Wickie on the long rope and let him search. It took him a good 2 minutes to find the track, and I was following him through heavy thicket and thorns (LOTS of thorns!) and after about 150 ft there it was: a 100+lbs female boar! I field-dressed the animal right there, the stomach was full of semi-digested corn (not from "our" field), and then we pulled it together up the hill to my car. Heck of a job, through heavy thicket and over fallen trees, but it was worth it! I used a leadfree 200grs Aero bullet, was a bit behind the optimal hit point (through the stomach, what a mess) on less than a 100 ft - and the boar still went about a 150 ft... But the spearribs were really yummy - a had a friend of mine visiting from the US a week later, who never wildboar before... He loved it!-)
  4. Two pigs , one shot

    nice done - and good meat, too!
  5. His First

    Waidmannsheil from Germany - wish bowhunting would be allowed here...
  6. I carry my Glock 17 in 9mm para (good german invention!-) when I am called out by our local state troopers for game accidents... I use Geco hollowpoints with 115 grs and never felt "naked". Finished off a number of roe deers, but also some boars with it. My Glock has 17 little friends in it, which are eager to protect me - and succeeded very well. The Glock "disappeares" in my pant´s pocket (although I usually wear it in an IMI hip-clip), I hardly remember wearing it, until I need it. My Glock is lightweight, and (although it´s loaded and ready to shoot) safe. I don´t have any experience with the .380, but my first choice is still my "Glöckchen" (german for "little bell") in 9mm para. Lots of german hunters prefer .357er revolvers for selfdefense (boars), but 2-3 rounds of 9para do the job just as well, and waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy faster.
  7. while you were out hunting today...

    looks very yummy!
  8. Won a Bergara Rifle

    Well, as we say in the old world: There´s days You loose, and there´s day where the others win... Bennie, Good luck for that gun! This caliber is not very spread in Germany (I have heard and read of it mostly in non-German forums, but never met anyone who uses it) - so I am very looking forward to read and hear how it will work out for You!
  9. Daughter Now Legal Huntress

    GREAT! Take the kids out to the utdoors as much as possible, that´s way better than to put them in front of the TV or Playstation! I took my daughter (she will be 18 next February, but she lives with her mom) out hunting with me whenever she visited me - that was always a great experience for both of us! Showed her to call foxes by just making weird sounds with our lips, and it worked. Last Saturday was her first day shooting a real gun (my late fathers Winchester 94 cal .30-30) in a "Schießkino" (please keep in mind that we have totally different weapon regulations in Germany - "kid and a gun - that´s such a no-go")... Schießkino is one of these cinema-like thingies, where You shoot at movie-star boars and deers... There were also some experienced shooters with us, but my little girl did so well, I was so proud... What I wanna say: Take Your kids out to the outdoors, no matter if for fishing, hiking or hunting! That´s usually experiences You cannot buy for any money in the world! P.S.: To bad it was too dark in that hall to take adequate pictures...
  10. OK, maybe this link works: http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu31/big_pimpn45/281660_2220303118055_1561983733_3872347_8131124_n.jpg As it is, I´m looking for a "more tactical" stock for my 2012 model one-ten... jhop: My friend works in the bay area, near this small town called LA!-)
  11. back again

    Currahee, Bennie!-)
  12. I would like to pimp my one-ten to a BA stock (like this: http://forums.handloads.com/uploads/jpeoples/2010-08-21_134833_DSC00053.JPG), and I had seen offers for this stock on some US pages... just: I couldn´t find them anymore:-( So, if anyone knows where to get one of these stocks in the US, please let me know! (these stocks are hard to find in Germany, if at all - and if available, they cost fortune). Already asked at Archangel, they are planning to make a stock like this, but not before next year. Got a friend working in the US for the next 8 weeks and he offered me to bring "things" when he comes back, so I´m open for ideas, links, offers, etc.!-)
  13. Whats the best way to make coffee in camp?

    as I am "from the old world" (also called Europe) and prefer my coffee to be rather strong, I´d advise one of these: http://www.amazon.de/Cucina-Modena-Espressokocher-f%C3%BCr-Tassen/dp/B00JGSY1WU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1442358699&sr=8-1&keywords=espressokocher This device works in camp on a gas stove, spirit stove, wooden fire, etc...
  14. Ruger American

    Just ordered an American rifle in .22-250 yesterday (very rare in this caliber in Germany) - will let You know when I´ll have tried it!