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  1. 2017 with little man!!

    Ran to the lease for a quick trip between fishing tourneys and had a jam up hunt the first morning!! Had gobblers gobbling in every direction and managed to get into a war of words with a hen and brought her and 3 gobblers in. Little man was on the gun and I had my bow. Set out a pair of decoys about 20 feet from the blind hoping for a close archery shot from the popup and it worked perfect! 2 gobblers broke off the hen to come bully the jake decoy and I managed to drop the biggest in his tracks with a slick trick through the chest! I told bubba to get ready after the shot cause the other one was likely gonna stick around and whip up on mine and that's what happened! Luckily he shot it before we both got to laughing too hard about that bully turkey!! We do the bullying not you turkeys says little man!!! Till next year!!
  2. We scored big time .

    Heck yeah!!!
  3. The store in Tyler has been going out of business for what seems like months so I stopped by today to see if I could pick up any good deals. Everything I liked was 10pct off. Left and went to Academy and got stuff cheaper.
  4. Still slinging the slabs!!

    Rayburn loot!! Weight fish!!
  5. Sorry haven't reported much lately been covered up with work! Did make some time recently to make the trip down to Sam Rayburn for the 4th qualifier on the Crappie Anglers of Texas trail and managed enough for second place and still hanging onto our lead for AOY! Rayburn was fun! We caught 500-600 fish in 2 days I bet. Size was hard to come by though. Been fishing around here on Palestine whenever I get some free time. It's been much better for size! Next month is Richland Chambers!!
  6. Belton Lake Tourney!!!

    I know I could catch plenty of catfish under cormorant trees!! Prolly could catch some slabs too!!
  7. Belton Lake Tourney!!!

    I'm real happy with it!! Crappie fest on Fork April 1st. Then Rayburn 3rd Sat in May!! Gotta keep it up!!
  8. Belton Lake Tourney!!!

    Missed the Rondy this year cause we had a tournament at Belton lake. I was planning to skip it in my mind but we were leading the AOY standings so we decided to go and I'm glad we did!! Never seen the lake until Thursday morning! We caught crappie everywhere we went! Most folks felt if you could catch 9 pounds you were gonna win and we did that both days prefishing. Sat we had as good of a day as we could hope for and ended up with 7 fish that weighted 10.27 pounds. Finished second to some friends who one lives there and has fished the lake forever! He said that was the best day he's ever had on the lake! We come home with a cooler full of slabs and $520 so it was a good weekend!!
  9. BABs Birthday

    Happy birthday!!!
  10. Happy Anniversary

    Congrats!!! That's quite a milestone there!! Wishing you many more!!!
  11. My first Aoudad

    You will be happy with it! Hill country auodad is good stuff! I would venture most folks that bad mouth them haven't ate any. I've only seen one in 6 years on the lease that was so rank it wasn't fit to eat. Congrats !!
  12. My Inaugural Dinner!

    Meat! Taters! And Merlot!!! I'm in!!! Good stuff!!!
  13. And it went well!! Good start to our first year in the Pro division! Wins here don't come easy so I'm enjoying this one!
  14. Momma's first deer in 4 years!!

    I'm excited about all the turkeys he has! Neat he has a variety of critters!! We had to deal with some busted pipes this weekend but not a big problem at all. Maybe try and figure out something better this summer as far as keeping the drain lines from freezing and busting in winter!