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  1. Rainy day plasma cutting project

    Well, fer a fella that claims to know little about metal cutting, you did OK, even if you were "supervised"!
  2. Scope Question

    Always check for zero if you do anything to a scope or it's mounts. Half the time things will be fine, the other half, you will need to adjust something. Only the likes of that mongrel "Murphy" will be able to know which "half" you are going to get this time. In fact, if you change batches of ammo, even though they are the same make and weight that you always use, do a test and see how they shoot. Better to be sure than sorry.
  3. Rain Day Project

    Mikel, what do you give a person that has "everything"? Answer: A box to put it in.
  4. Facebook Death Threats

    Jeff, if this continues for another couple of days, hand the whole lot over to the Police or whoever looks after these threats up there in the US. Down here in OZ this person would face charges for making threats using a telephone or communication service which carries a 10 year jail penalty. Then you could take out a "Apprehended Violence Order" out against him or her which would mean they loose their firearms license for the next 10 years. There must be similar laws covering things like this up your way, don't let the little gentleman (whose parents were not joined by the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony at the time of his birth) get away with being a pain in the posterior. Did you eat any of the fish? It would have made a great BBQ for about 100 people!
  5. As long as no-one looses their jobs at Remington due to the change, all will be well.
  6. This will save them a heap of money in the accounts area. The wholesalers will now have to look after all the small accounts from the independent retailers. They will have to issue monthly account statements and collect the money, look after bad debts and handle distribution. There will be a rise in the price to small retailers unless they form their own co-op buying group and go directly to Remington. It's all about money, ladies and gentlemen.
  7. Reaper Rest

    Shooting sticks are a good thing but this looks one heck of a lot better.
  8. hog lure

    npbb4, I guess your hogs are a little more refined than ours down here. Ours will eat almost anything, alive or dead. They compete with wild dogs and foxes for newborn lambs and then go and dig up some nice pasture for desert. Just an idea, but if deer are getting into the baits laid out for pigs, what would happen if the trough was fenced or covered so that the pigs could get at the grain but the deer could not get in to feed? Something like a fence with holes in it that a pig could get through but was too low for a deer? Then again, we don't have your deer down here, we have mainly Fallow deer around here and perhaps some farm escapee Chital, I think.
  9. hog lure

    Well, down here in OZ our pigs are a little less fussy. Some folks just use a dead animal, any animal provided it is large, and let it go smelly in the sun. Pigs have a good sense of smell and will travel a fair distance for a feed of something rotten. Keep checking the bait for signs of activity. Sometimes the pigs will enter the carcase via the rear end and just clean it out from the inside so you need to watch for movement from within. Probably not a good idea to eat those pigs but some people do. I would think almost any animal, or animal parts would do a similar job and you may also get some carrion-feeders (Foxes?) coming to the smell also.
  10. Little mans cake!!

    Hope it tasted as good as it looks! Happy birthday, young Langdon.
  11. Country Humor

    I got neighbours like that!
  12. One of our distributors (Tasco Sales) has been appointed as the Australian agent for Primos hunting callers. These look a whole lot better than the "Cass Creek" callers we have had gathering dust for ages but before we shell out some hard earned dollars, I would like to know what they are really like, as in has anyone used one, were you happy with it or did you end up using it for deliberate target practice? The unit that most interests me is the "Dogg Catcher" because it is a remote unit, much easier to "accidentally" shoot if it doesn't work!
  13. Thanks npbb, the Cass Creek things have not sold well at all and before I even thought of suggesting the Primos callers to the boss I thought it would be a good idea to get some feedback from real-world users. I will wait untill we get a couple more replies before I make any decision but thanks for your comment.
  14. Sons first Javelina

    Seems like they have a good teacher. Congrats!
  15. Wife's first Aoudad (free range)

    WOW! Great trophy! The .243 is an under-rated caliber down here, overshadowed by the .270 and the hotter .30's. Your wife obviously knows how to shoot and hit the target in the right place and the good old .243 did the rest. Congratulations to you both.
  16. New Telephone Scam

    I think I would be checking my phone bills and call logs after this. If they can manipulate your caller ID, they may be able to trick the telephone exchange into making their calls seem like they come from your phone. It sounds far-fetched science fiction stuff but I would be suspicious from now on.
  17. What would you do?

    Do it through a licensed dealer, pay him his fee and sleep easy at night.
  18. What would you do?

    Run, buddy run! His next felony victim may be you!
  19. Savage Model 12BVSS

    All things in moderation, Mikel. That 'shine is probably better for you than the water you get out of a tap in town. As I keep telling my younger customers; the size of the group your rifle will shoot means very little when you are hunting. It's the first shot that counts, you probably won't get a second chance in our scrub country. If you need extra help with looking through a scope, consider one of those NiteSite 200 units where the monitor can be set beside, on top or wherever it's convienient on the rifle. That way you get to look at something like a 4"x3" image, you can wear your ordinary spectacles, heck, even I can enjoy things again!
  20. Tallest Flag Pole!

    Quite simply, that is fantastic.
  21. Savage Model 12BVSS

    With a little more experimentation you should be able to improve on that grouping. 3/4" at 200 yards is possible under the right conditions, according to one of our customers. Anyone that says that a Savage won't shoot well hasn't shot the new generation guns. I am not saying that other brands aren't as good, just that down here in OZ the Savage gives you the best accuracy per dollar spent.
  22. 5 Deadly Terms

    Works about the same down here in OZ.
  23. .17 HMR

    Foxes, Rabbits and Cats are the primary targets down here. Add some night vision (NS200 is great!) and you can have a whole lot of fun without disturbing the neighbors too much!
  24. .17 HMR

    Well, that's a $700 package down here so you did really well! We are getting reports of problems (again!) of some brands of .17HMR ammo either not firing at all or firing with greatly reduced energy and leaving a projectile stuck in the barrel. Problems seem to be with Federal and CCI. Many had split necks before they were fired. If it don't sound right, check it out!
  25. Mikel, criminals are like Foxes and other feral animals. You get rid of one or two and you create a vaccum which draws in other predators. I guess we just have to be vigilant and be on the defensive at all times. But I do like the idea!