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  1. Evidently Gov. Perry is a big Larue fan as well. Hard to beat a Gov. like that!
  2. Gander Mountain

    Have to agree with Bennie. Stopped in a Gander about 3 months ago and saw a brick of .22 with a price tag on it that could have filled my trucks gas tank! Pisses me off that companies can stand in the blood of murdered children and profit from it.. just my .02
  3. To Honor our Military

    Very cool!
  4. Quotable Quotes

    Good stuff Mike. My two year old woke my wife and I up at the unrighteous hour of 2 a.m. and, thanks to a touch of insomnia, I could not get back to dreamland afterwards. Jumped on here, read these, and laughed out loud on a few --- which woke my wife again and bought me a slap on the shoulder from the dark side of the bed! So ... thanks for the laugh and bruises.
  5. Test Run

    Good lookin cat! Nice spots too!
  6. Hasan Found Guilty

    Agreed. Put that one at the front of the line!
  7. Nosler Varmint Bullets

    Thanks for the info. I have had good luck with the V-max as well, but have wondered about the Noslers for a while. They seem to be in good supply compared to others, at least around my local haunts, and are priced fairly low - which also worries me. - I may pick up a box and see why nobody else wants to try them : /
  8. Just wanting to do some load development for a new 6 x 45 and am wondering if anyone has shot the Nosler Varmint line of bullets. I've generally shot a V-max or Sierra bullet, and have had good luck. I see the Nosler bullets everywhere - which makes me nervous about them - (especially when reloading supplies have been strained). Any info, good or bad, is appreciated. - Thanx
  9. New Brass Tumbler,a work in progress

    Haha, funny story behind those two. Short-and-sweet is I walked up on them in mid march last year while hog hunting south of Hondo TX. I shot them both and skinned them out (after changing my pants)... :/ * I'm 6' 1"
  10. New Brass Tumbler,a work in progress

    Slick set up AR-Patriot! Thats some good 'ole fashion Southern engineering!!
  11. Arky Yoter Screamin' Demon.
  12. Bullet & Brass Trades

    Have 100 once fired .22 hornet if anybody is interested. - will trade for .204 brass or bullets
  13. Academy easing up on ammo purchase

    Not sure if this is, or will be the case for every Academy, but we (Fort Smith, AR) are now selling primers for reloading. We got about 50, 000 of each kind of Winchester primers - small and large pistol and small and large rifle. $3.99 per 100.
  14. Academy easing up on ammo purchase

    texan4ut is correct. All Academys have removed everything but 9mm and .22 LR from the ration list.