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  1. Thanks Brandon. You were a big part of that. That .300 blackout you built my wife took down a lot of animals this weekend!!!
  2. Thanks Jason. I am not much of a poster but I spend a lot of time on the site just reading post. Anyways I feel like this should not go without being said. I hunt a lot of contest including predator and hog dog contest. This was our first time to hunt this one and the people at that contest were the nicest most welcoming people I hAve ever been around during a contest. People who didn't know us from Adam just walking up and talking to us. I wish we would have found half The animals we hit too but otherwise good hunt, good times, good contest, and good people.
  3. 9th Annual Hog Hunt/Wild Hog Round-up

    Brandon Thanks for coming out this year and having a booth. Hope to see you next year. Hopefully i can be so lucky as to win two guns again next year. lol For those who were not there, the expo center had a 27 gun raffle and i won two of them and i only bought 6 tickets for $100. I never win anything so i am super excited about the win. Savage 116 FCSS 270 Weatherby Vaguard S2 223
  4. Bob i won't be able to make the Rondy this year but i just ordered 12 door prize tickets. I hope it goes well. Paid.Mailed.
  5. "Quiet" compensators?

    Oh i just knew you were gonna ask and i was trying to remember. I am pretty sure i paid $160 for it. I could be off a little. I will post another picture this eve when i get home. Those were just pictures i happen to have on my phone.
  6. "Quiet" compensators?

  7. "Quiet" compensators?

    x2 what minikills said. I think i am the one who he is refering to that uses it on my AR10 and he said it perfect. If i can figure out how to post a picture of it on here i will. Works very well.
  8. Laser Genetics ND3 comparison

    I don't know much about Wicked Lights but i have an ND3, a EWT, and Stalk Tech which is in order from bad to good. Stalk Tech to me is above and beyond all others and cheaper. I have friends with wicked lights that love them very much but bought stalk tech after they used mine.
  9. Another top notch Attorney...

    I second that Brandon. I used him as well. He is super easy to work with and it's nice knowing he loves guns and silencers just as much as me.
  10. Another Bun In The Oven!!

    Congrats Jason. I wish Stacy a great pregnancy and hope all goes well.
  11. 2013 Nikon Spot On Championships-I was shooting!

    Seems like that was a really neat event and even more so a great thing to be apart of for you Bob. Great job and congrats to your team
  12. Well Bob i finally found my way here and happy to be a new member. Cassie and I enjoyed meeting you in Waco, and hopefully we will come across each other more often. Matt Martinez
  13. Welcome aboard!