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  1. Ongoing hunting buggy build

    Dang thats a steal.
  2. Ongoing hunting buggy build

    I just got a CJ-7 for the same purpose. Took it out Friday night for a test run and I am very happy. The inline 6 is so quite. I had a dodge mini van next to at a stoplight and I couldn't tell it mine was running.
  3. Speaker problem or sound problem

    Make sure you have your sounds downloaded on your computer. Then reinstall the sounds.
  4. It's estamated 350+ homes are under water in Wimberly Tx. The Blanco river has rose to over 40 feet breaking a record set in 1929. I-35 by San Marcus is closed due to flood waters. If traveling be safe.
  5. Light Mount

    None so far. But I don't use those mounts on my expensive scopes. I have gone to mounting the rails on the stock or fore ends of my higher end rifles.
  6. Hico44 's 15 pointer

    Great job trophy of a lifetime
  7. Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day.
  8. Mrs GH scores!!

    Congratulations on the draw and great bull
  9. Bobcat down

    Good job guys. Looks like a fun night.
  10. .223/5.56 Carbine

    You will have to use 50 grain or less bullets. The CFE-223, BL-C, will get you there. H335 may fall into the mid 2900fps.
  11. Looks like a lot of fun. Miss bird hunting. I hunt doves but it's not the same as hunting flushing birds over dogs
  12. Parker's 8 pt

    Congratulations what a great buck.