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  1. Another nice Axis on the ground!!!

    Sorry it has taken so long to get to you, where I hunt Axis is low fence and the ranch is over ran with them. Axis will jump a fence or go through them.
  2. This summer has been an all Axis hunts for me. We did some culling early in the summer, pretty awesome to shoot 30 inch culls!!! I got back out there a few weeks ago and shot this nice one, he is 33 inches. It was so hot that weekend, 107 degrees with hardly a breeze. We saw some (up and comers) that were huge but to young!! The winter Axis will have some giants this year, I'm gonna try to squeeze in a Axis hunt during whitetail season!!
  3. I haven't posted any hunting updates in a few months. Here are a few pics of last day of deer season. My sister and brother in law have about 30 sections of farm country in borden county. I make a few trips a year to kill pigs, varmints, and sometimes kill a deer. There are some nice bucks on their place, its all about timing. My sister called me and said she wanted to shoot a buck to have mounted on the wall, I said ok, but was worried if I could make it happen. So sunday about noon, I drove out there looking for deer trails leading into the wheat fields, and I found a bunch, so I started looking at size of hooves. I found a good spot and set up a pop up blind, drove up to the house and picked up my sister and we got in the blind about 4pm. By 4:45 pm we had 20 deer in the field and a old wide 8 point come walking in about 400 yards away. He got to 306 yards and wasn't getting closer. I handed her my trusty 7 mag and tried my best to get her calm down, but wasn't working. She had him in her sights forever. Finally I said, Ok its now or never. My rifle is zeroed in at 200 so I told her to aim on the shoulder or behind the shoulder and the gun would take care of the rest. She pulled the trigger and this bruiser hit the ground... Well we were yelling and jumping up and down and this high rack ten point come running out, and I got one tag left in my pocket. Sat back down broke open the 7 mag single shot reached in my pocket for another bullet, loaded the gun, threw up the sights, by this time he is on a dead run..... literally a dead run, because when I pulled the trigger he rolled 2 times and busted an antler off. Pretty crazy for a last day hunt. My sister shot her 2nd buck of her life and a real nice one. She is for sure getting it mounted. I also took the ten point I shot to get it mounted, I'm going to give it to her for her birthday. This wrapped up my whitetail hunting season. Six bucks on the ground, 3 tagged, 3 permitted, and about 8 more trophies I helped others hunt, like my little sister. I'm leaving in 2 weeks to start hunting big Axis bucks. Update coming soon!!!!
  4. I had a very successful hunting trip that lasted 10 days. It took me a full day to get caught up on my rest when I got back. Last Wednesday I was packed and on the road to Matador, TX to try my luck on a nice whitetail in that area. I got checked in to the Matador Hotel bed and breakfast and met up with the guys I was hunting with. We didn't start seeing any deer till Friday evening. I had a huge 8 point that came in but chose not to shoot….. sure wish I would have rethought that decision. The guys I was hunting with were after meat and if there happen to be antlers, that was a plus for them, I didn't have any luck due to the high hog population that ran everything off every morning and evening. Sunday morning I had an old 6 point that came into the feeder, would of been a 7 but he had a busted brow tine. I took the culling decision and put him on the ground. He was an old one, with a 20 inch inside spread. I had to be on the road by 9:30 am, I was headed to Ballinger, Tx to meat up with the guys at Rocky Creek Ranch around noon. My truck was a scootin down the highways to get there. I made it in time to shoot my rifle at the range and get in the blind for the evening hunt. The next morning I had a nice 12 point come into the feeder and I chose to take him. He was real nice, didn't score high but I was proud of him. The next day, Tuesday a cold front was blowing in, didn't see much action but notice the bucks were very aggressive towards each other. Wednesday morning I had a huge 8 point come in but chose not to shoot. That afternoon I asked one of the ranchers to take me to the blind early, I was going to give rattling a shot to see if I had any luck. I got up in the blind got all my stuff ready, opened the back door of the blind and started banging antlers, within minutes I had a 8 point come in, he saw corn at the feeder and went straight for it, so I tried again, here come 2 more 8 points. Now I have 3 8 points at the feeder trying to fight each other. Oh Well, I kept rattling, then a real nice 9 point comes in scares a couple 8s off and gets in a fight with the other 8. I went back to banging antlers and 500 yards away I see a buck walking through the cedars, and he is headed my way. I keep watching him for half and hour, and forgot about the deer at the feeder. I look down at the feeder and I have 7 bucks down there all ready to fight. Finally the buck that I have been watching was getting close, I could tell he had a nice rack, I could tell he was at least a 10 point. As soon as I had a shot, I took it and he fell in his tracks. I went up to check him out and to my amazement he was a 14 point but….. a 3 1/2 year old. I got to excited and didn't take the time to study his body size. I was still very proud of him, the rancher to was proud of the deer. This ranch has a good management program that is taking off very well. They are low fence MLD, so you don't have to use your own tags. This ranch is on Lake Ivie, The views are awesome. The next morning we went shooting does, now thats fun knowing there is a 300 doe quota!!! I then got packed up and head to Joshua, Tx outside of Ft. Worth to drop off my heads at the taxidermist. I thought about getting a hotel room and leaving the next morning but I was missing the wife and kids, so I got back on the road and headed to Odessa. Pulled in the driveway at 3:30 am Friday morning. Started un packing, my daughter woke up hearing me banging my luggage in the door. She hugged me and the first thing she said was "Can we going hunting daddy"!!!!! I finished unpacking, then got her hunting clothes on and grabbed her gun, chugged a red bull and said load up!!! She passed up an 8 point, but that was by far the best hunt of my 10 day hunting trip!!!!
  5. I will post more pics later but this is the mountain lion I shot back in March. I used Mike at Modern Taxidermy in Joshua, TX.
  6. Opening day 8 Point

    LOL!!! Yeah it is, wife went to sears today and ordered another one, should be in at the end of the week. I don't know how long its been since we have bought red meat at the store. We are still eating on the Axis right now!!!
  7. Opening day 8 Point

    I shot a very nice 8 point Saturday evening in Howard county close to Coahoma. The feeder went off at 6:30pm and he came in about 7 pm with another buck, he was an 11 point. The 11 might have been bigger but really like perfect 8s, so I decide to shoot the 8. He ran about a hundred yards but he left a good blood trail, I had no problems finding him. In the picture you can see the exit hole, I shot him behind the shoulder on the other side. Also you might notice I am wearing the same shirt and hat that I had worn last weekend on my Red stag hunt. My lucky shirt and hat!!!
  8. Last Minute Red Stag hunt!!

    Thanks everybody, my friend was hosting the hunts so he didn't get to hunt any. He's going back in a few weeks to be able to hunt himself. God has blessed me with a great life, and has surrounded me with great people. I just got home and its 3:50am, I was bow hunting in Howard county, just outside of Coahoma and had a successful opening day bow season hunt. I shot a big 8 point. I had an eleven point at the feeder as well, and maybe the 11 was a little bigger but for some reason I just love a perfect 8. I will upload a pic when I get up later. Thanks
  9. I was eating supper last thursday evening, and normally I won't answer the phone while sitting at the dinner table...... thank god I did!!!!! A good friend of mine called and informed me he had a last minute cancellation on a hunt and wanted to see if I could go!!!! A quick check with the wife and called the boss and checked with him.... I called him back and said when and where! Well the hunt was starting the next day, so I packed my gear and rolled out the following morning to Uvalde to the Live Oak Ranch. A very nice high fence ranch, John and Karen the owners are very nice and are very involved with the hunts and hunters, they made me feel right at home, very nice accommodations. The cook fed us like we were Kings, I think I gained 10 pounds. Friday evening I didn't see a Stag but could hear them bellowing all around. Saturday morning I had a Stag under the blind and he bellowed extremely loud and scared the heck out of me, I had no clue he was under there till he did that. He finally stepped out to about 100 yards and was able to get a good shot with my 7 mag. He ran about 15 yards and crashed into some trees. Awesome hunt!!!!
  10. Shot 2 nice Axis bucks

    I used a Thompson center encore pro hunter rifle with the thumb hole stock 7mag, leupold VX2 3x9x50 scope, 150 grain bullet. The first one shot in the picture is on the left, we were sitting in the blind, the feeder went off and that buck came in with another maybe larger buck, I couldn't decide which one was bigger so I went with the heaviest. Then also decided to try to shoot the other big one too, but with a single shot rifle this would make it a bit difficult but I did try and the second buck was long gone before I had the second shell in the chamber. The following morning we got up in a different blind and the Axis buck on the right side in the picture showed up, I watched him for a while and decided to shoot him, my age judgement was a little off, he was a 3 year old, I was guessing a 4 year old. Weather conditions were nice during the day mid 80s, muddy. It rained both nights we were there. Something that I have never experienced before was when laying down to go to sleep, you could hear the bucks doing that roar sound over and over. Very cool place to go!!!!!
  11. Shot 2 nice Axis bucks

    Just got a call from the butcher, the meat is ready. I was really impressed with the amount of meat I will be picking up. Back straps cut into cutlets, 22 pounds of jerky, 10 pounds of snack sticks, 122 pounds of Smoke german sausage!!!!! I took these two Axis to Miles, Tx, Sklenarik's Smoked Meats.
  12. Shot 2 nice Axis bucks

    The Raincreek ranch was right there across from that radio tower where there is the gate to the ranch. Its a High fence gate buts low fence on each side, they were going to high fence the place but changed their mind, the back of the ranch buts up to the Ford ranch.
  13. Shot 2 nice Axis bucks

    I went hunting on the Rain Creek Ranch between Brady and Menard this past weekend and shot two real nice Axis bucks on low fence. I have been here a couple of times and they always treat us real good, made us feel right at home. Kyle, the ranch manager is a real nice guy and he gets excited as much or more than I did when I shot these Axis!!!!
  14. I have just realized I have jumped the gun, and skipped over the "New members start here"!!!!!! I'll just introduce my self right now. My name is Tanner, I'm a Production Techincian of an oil company in the Permain Basin. I'm married and have 2 kids. I'm always going somewhere hunting, I'v been known to sometimes leave my gun in the truck and just take my camera and yes there has been many times I wished I had brought my rifle. I mainly hunt varmints and whitetail, the past few years I have been hunting some exotics and traveling to different states to hunt. Sure am looking forward in getting to know ya'll. Thank you all for the nice comments!!! P.S. Leaving next thursday to go free range Axis hunting...... and there is some big ones!!!!!
  15. I shot a 160 pound Mountain lion near Pecos, Nm last month. I saw pics of Carl Barnes Mountain lion and I just knew I had to have one too!!!! Got in contact with Carl and he got me set up with Joe Troyer at Lil Joe's Big Game Hunting. Joe worked his rear off getting me a cat. We covered alot of country in New Mexico to find it but when we did, it was worth every bit of it. Thanks again guys!!!!