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  1. Just one more reason why 'Abortion Barbie' needs to stay out of the Governor's mansion.
  2. 1911 issues

    Good article that. I have encountered several of those malfunctions over the years. Springs + magazine replacement usually took care of the service. Thanks for posting. More people need to know. Once again,I am still floored by John Browning's genius. We sometimes can not make a semi functinial piece to work; but he built it on only an idea with no prototype to seek guidance on. Amazing!
  3. Hornady progressive

    Ask A.R. Patriot.He loves his. I'm still with my Dillon.
  4. No words needed. . .

    Thanks Mike. When my middle son was overseas in the sandbox I would send him 'care' pkgs. from home; books,DVD's,beef jerky,homemade cookies,etc. He was the hit of the hut. He did tell me about so many of his fellow soldiers that had NO life or connection back at home,so I asked him for names + I started sending 'care' pkgs. to these young men as well along with a letter (hopefully just like Dad supposed to be) talking about their future,our pride in them,etc.Never heard back from any of them but I don't care.That was not the point.It was never about me. If they for only an instant were excited about a pkg. FOR THEM from 'home',then it was all worth it.
  5. How do you carry your concealed handgun?

    You see that is the main reason that I would support open carry. We're in Texas by God. We sweat hard in the summer + we don't wear jackets. Concealing a 1911 in these circumstances is not only uncomfortable but destructive + ineffeciant as well. Yes we can opt for a smaller carry piece but lets face it; we are not out looking for a gunfight but if it happens then we want to deal with the issue;+ NOTHING deals better than a .45 cal. Back to basics: we are tied to an inside belt holster unless laws change. When we go out to the shows where suits are required I use a shoulder rig (makes me look like Jimmy Cagney.....I wish). Seriously, choose a piece that you WILL carry,a .22 here is better than a .38 at home.
  6. Reloading Equipment Advice

    You seem to have everything for a good start. I would recommend that you purchase other manuals as well,you can never have too many. At some point you will want a single stage press as well. Dies + shell holders also. There are some calibres that you don't need a progressive for. There was a guy on Accurate Reloading.com/classifeds this evening that had an RCBS rockchucker (LNIB) for $65.00 I think. I did'nt pay much attention as I don't need any more. Also as has already been mentioned twice,safety is paramount. NO SMOKING is a no brainer you would think but I have several times had to tell my smoking friends to put it out before coming into the loading room;to the tune of I actually had to mount an outside ashtray for them before entry. People don't think. An ounce of precaution is worth more than a pound of sorrow. When you decide to start casting your own as well,email me,I can give you pointers in this as well. Good luck + welcome to the fraternity.
  7. Thank God he's not seeking the election.Oh just the idea of Bloomberg for president in 2016....shiver. And here I thought that nothing could be worse than Hillary.
  8. Molon Labe Window Sticker

    Yes,those were the words of King Leonidas of Sparta to Xerxes of Persia at the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. The true translation is "Come + take them". There is an unadorned stone engraved there at the hot springs (Greek, thermopylae) which reads," Go tell the spartans,stranger passing by,that here obedient to their laws we lie. Quite a lot of stickers for sale;it would appear that we are not alone.
  9. funny commercial

    Yep,would have stopped my heart.
  10. Piers Morgan to Join Fox News

    Since the subject is fools,I have a little story concerning Hemingway + Mussolini. You can find it in "By-Line" by Ernest. He was with a group of other reporters entering 'Il Duce's 'chambers with the purpose of interviewing "the great man". The other reporters all said,he must be a great scholar as when we walked into the room,he never looked up,only stayed concentrated on this large volume on his lap. Hemingway's reply was "Yep.I went over behind this 'great man' + I saw what he was holding was an English/Italian dictionary....upside down. The man is a fool + if I am taken out tomorrow + shot,I will know that I was shot by a fool.
  11. Hunting Backup Pistol

    Although I always carry a 1911 in .45 in "civilian mode", I prefer a s+w m-29 for a second piece in hunting applications,with beasts that might bite back. Consider Bill Jordan's words concerning revolver v/s auto.....O.K. two of us walk into an alley as adversaries. One has a revolver,the other a semi. We both draw simultaniesly;we both have a hang fire simultaniously.......Who is going to walk out of that alley.? True words from one who rode the border for years. As before mentioned,I carry a 1911 daily but when hunting I carry the S+W M-29 because I can totally depend on it to do what I "may" need to do..........Lets not even get into the 500 S+W.;waste of time + energy.
  12. Piers Morgan to Join Fox News

    Some pranks are more intolerable than others aren't they?
  13. Back in the mid 70's when the yankee influx came in,I helped a neighbor kill a dog that was killing his chickens.They were yankees (not the chickens),took us to court. Making a long story short,the judge said "You people come down here expecting things to be like where you left. Let me tell you,in this state if one mans dog is killing another mans stock;I don't consider it his right to kill the animal,I consider it his obligation."
  14. Interesting to notice (not!) that all were democrats. I applogize if I sound like a 14 year old Sorry In that regard , I will say that in all fairness in responce to our fellow citizens of democratic persuasion, I really don't care how you live your life,but I resent you thinking that you should run mine. Sorry to bring up the word resent twice but my son + I had supper with friends who are dems. + starch Hillary supporters. A lot in that conversation but the juice of it all. was my responce. "I Will not vote for someone whose sole agenda is to eradicate my life style." ................Also remember that these are RIGHTS, not ENTITLEMENTS. We work for them + deserve to keep them. Remember,the phrase was 'Life,Liberty,+ the Pursuit Of Happiness." The keyword was pursuit,not guarantee. Case closed.
  15. I agree with you on that Mike. We have our own issuses in Austin with the current population influx. These people come here for SXSW in March when the weather is pretty,to the "Live Music Capital Of The World",they should come in August. Then after totally overpopulating downtown,they want to put a 10:00 P.M. curfew on the live music (what brought them in the first place.) We need not even get into their rudeness as drivers.