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  1. How long did you wait before the state sent your LTC permit to you, after all the paperwork was sent to them?
  2. I would if I hadn't started a new job, maybe next time. Looks like an awesome place.
  3. thx, Mike! sounds good, I was wanting to go again this evening but with more advantage.
  4. Bobcat, Looks simple enough, thanks. Could I find one of these in a store, commonly? Was mainly wondering about something I could make myself, I don't have any turkey feathers right now (yet ....ha!). Would just a string tied to a clump of tall grass to move occasionally work or do coyotes need to SEE something? My caller speaker is not remote so it is always within 50 ft. of me. Still learning.
  5. right now, I don't have the budget for an electric decoy rabbit or the like. What can I use for a manual decoy that will work just as well, something to get the coyotes attention rather than finding me?
  6. Welcome aboard!

    1. tdwinklr


      thank you. Was on here a few years ago and lost track. Been chasing coyotes lately and wanted to share my experiences.