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  1. Giuliana's birthday!

    Happy B-Day!!!
  2. Carnivore Season 3

    DVR is Set!!!
  3. gorgeous whitetail fawn

    It's that time of year!!!
  4. Congrats Todd!!! I bet Caleb was very excited.
  5. This mornings hunt

    Nice size Bobcat!!!
  6. Jennifer and I were front and center for the Glenn Guess Hog Calling Seminar at the World Predator and Hog Hunting Expo. We have a lot of hogs at our lease but most of them move after dark. We have hunted them with lights for several years and had good success, but we were interested in trying to call them in the evening while it was still daylight. This past Saturday was our first opportunity to try it out. We got set up close to where we knew hogs were bedding around 7:30 PM, got the wind in our favor and played FoxPro's Sow Protection. 15 minutes later Jen said something was coming through the brush and out walked a boar on the upwind side of the caller. He walked straight to the caller and when he turned broadside Jen shot him in the shoulder with the 7mm08 shooting 140 gr. Nosler Accu-Bond bullets. He only made it about 30 yards into the brush. He weighed 185 lbs. Thanks Glenn for sharing what you have learned about calling hogs. IT WORKS!!!
  7. The pigs didn't cooperate but....

    Hey Darrell make her a coon skin cap!!!
  8. New use for my MOJO Double Trouble

    Hopefully he's not going to get a bunch of buddies to bring back to the fight!!!
  9. South Texas Trek

    Can't wait for the new season!!!
  10. Congrats...Were you wearing one of the 20 something caps you won at the Rondy??? LOL
  11. Two for one

    Good shot...and a Bonus!!!
  12. First one on the place

    Good Job!!!