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  1. Amazing Game CAM Pic

    Spectacular photo!
  2. Nice hunt. Great report.
  3. Glad it was enjoyable. A stellar group. A couple of water issues but nothing that couldn't be fixed.
  4. Fear of Hogpocalypse

    I don't lke the idea of it anymore than anyone else. Introducing a poison into the environment just doesn't seem right. FPFS4_poisoning.pdf page 133 of this file Pesticides-used-in-the-management-of-vertebrate-pests-in-australia-a-review.pdf
  5. First Bobcat

    Pretty special cat for sure.
  6. Happy Birthday SHOOTER!

    Thanks all. Been away from the computer for a few days. I appreciate the thoughts and kind words.
  7. dressing up my 6.5x30-30AI for Christmas...

    Good write up, Bobby. Always enjoy your post. Keep chugging along!
  8. Prayers for those who can not be home

    Well said Bennie. Prayers Up!
  9. FoxPro issue...and question

    Unless they told you other wise the turnaround will be much shorter. Send it USPS priority, 2 day delivery, and Ill bet you see it back within a week. Just my experience.
  10. King of the Cowboys

    Beautiful country. About 95 miles from where we used to spend a couple of weeks each summer over in Fryeberg ME / North Conway NH area.
  11. A Ratskin to a Ranch

    CitySlickerHunter.........If you have time, give us a holler.
  12. A Ratskin to a Ranch

    I took a nap this afternoon just so I could stay up and watch it when I come on. I must have missed your invitation to get a cup of coffee while you where here, I'm sure it will be a great show, Keep up the good work,
  13. 28th Posse Hog Hunt!

    He probably feel asleep watching the sun go down!
  14. Hunters Extravaganza

    I'll probably go late Saturday morning,