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  1. LH Varmint rifles...

    Thanks for the responses, I think I am going to get myself one of the Model 11 combo rifles in .22-250. I was worried that the 22" barrel would lose a lot of velocity compared to the 26"...but at the ranges I shoot I don't think it matters.
  2. LH Varmint rifles...

    Not too many choices for a lefty these days. I am thinking about ordering one of the Remington 700 SPS Varmints in .22-250, I like that it has the 26" barrel. Most .22-250's I am seeing have a 22" barrel. Tikka T3x, Savage Model 11 Trophy Hunter, Browning X-bolt. Does anyone have any experiences with any of these? I was thinking Bob had one of the Savage combo rifles (perhaps the model 11? Comes with the scope). Mainly wanting one to compliment my .204 Ruger when I want to change things up. I don't prairie dog hunt, so it will be a calling rifle. Thanks in advance for any reviews for these rifles
  3. First Bobcat

    Very nice surprise!!
  4. Attention 243 WSSM Shooters!

    I had shot a hog behind the shoulder with a 95gr Ballistic Silvertip with a .243win and was not real impressed when I never recovered the pig in the dunes. Then the next year my friend wanted to go out with his .243 wssm. I was skeptical, but it flat laid them down even with his coyote loads. The .243 wssm is impressive, are components becoming hard to find?
  5. Loading 22-250

    I've got some Sierra 1365's coming, going to try them out of a .22-250
  6. What stock was on the first rifle Bobby? Looks good
  7. FOXPRO Banshee

    How does this call rank in volume compared to the others that are available by Foxpro? I almost picked up another Foxpro in Abilene on Saturday...then decided to try and find an fx5 on-line...My last Foxpro (scorpion?) was not as loud as I would have liked. I don't think it was as loud as my first fx3.
  8. Muzzle Loading

    Great Tip for a new comer, That is what I always use in all of my muzzleloaders. Congrats on joining the addiction! It is extremely fun to get out and shoot the smokepoles.
  9. in bad need of .17 hornet

    I'm pretty sure I saw some at Gun Sport Ltd in Odessa, Texas. Give them a call, they have tons of stuff. They may ship for you as well.
  10. Pre 64 model 70

    Thanks Calvin, I have sold off a few guns that I wish I still had. I still have my winchester 1971 .30-30 and my .357 leverguns. I don't buy and sell as much as I did a few years ago, and these days I really don't go shooting that much!
  11. Pre 64 model 70

    Top rifle in photo, haven't had a chance to get it out of the safe and look it over with the camera
  12. Pre 64 model 70

    I'll post some photos of the rifle this evening. I'm still on the verge of if it is worth getting rid of vs what I owe on the boat lol. It is a neat rifle, I had never planned on hunting with it and wanted it just to pass down and sit in the safe. I did get some HSM ammo for it when I first got the rifle and shot a handful of shells through it. I was amazed how smooth .300h&h feeds and how mild recoil was. It feels great shouldered.
  13. Pre 64 model 70

    What is fair market value on a 1959 Winchester Model 70 crf, with period correct rifle scope....chambered in .300 Holland and Holland ? I am considering selling my safe queen Model 70 and my two White Muzzleloaders...to help pay off my new boat...so I can fund a new pickup to pull the new boat
  14. 15 inch crappie

    Nice catch! Phantom have much water in it? I've got boat fever baaad and am trying to rally up a list of places to take it.