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  1. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    I have a friend that has one I tried it but didn't care for it. Not accurate and shells tend to jam.
  2. Bass Pro and Cabela's

    They are also saying that with Gander Mountain filing for bankruptcy it may be more difficult to get the merger through due less competition in the industry. which has bee a concern if Bass Pro and Cabela's merge.
  3. Gander Mtn

    That is pretty much the way it is on a lot of stuff. I went 3 weeks ago to buy a tent they had on sale in case I was able to make the Rondy, they said they were out but would have them next week. Next week I went in and they told me they were out, they had some last week. I told him BS I was in here last week. It is right by my house so I am forced to go there LOL.
  4. Happy Birthday Bob

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Gander Mtn

    They were bought by a New York Investment firm a year or so ago. They just don't keep stuff in stock any more. You nearly always hve to order it from the website then have it shipped to store. Real pain if you need it now. The shipping is quick though.
  6. Need a little more help on case cleaning

    I always use the corn cob media with a tablespoon of NuFinish car polish and mine come out clean.
  7. Another One Again

    Fried Rattlesnake is not that bad. It don't taste like chicken though.
  8. Gander Mtn

    We have a Gander Mountain in Round Rock, old Sportsman Warehouse location. Place is empty most of the time. I have bought a few things there over the years that were on sale, other than than that they are I high in price. I did talk to a salesman in there last week he said that they would close in May and that there would not be a big going out of business sale as most inventory will be sent to stores that are staying open. He said there might be a few items that they discount. I wish they would bring back the Sportsman Warehouse. The Academy near me has gone down hill since they were bought out, rarely have anything in stock as far as common fishing/hunting items.
  9. Another One Again

    I prefer Titleist Pro-V1's however i will hit a diamondback if available.
  10. 5,000 Members!!

  11. About 6 weeks for me too 4 years ago.
  12. Hearing protection while hunting??

    I am bad about using hearing protection. Never did all my life really so I don't think about it most of the time till it is too late. Really don't like to wear anything when I hunt because I like to hear what is going on in nature, whether something is coming through the brush, the sounds of birds etc. that might be a clue something is in the area.
  13. Some Short Humor Stories

    Good ones!
  14. Happy Anniversary