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  1. Is there a thread for last year's winners also not present?
  2. One Down & One Got Away...

    I use 30.4 gr for my load and it's just a hair under your muzzle velocity. Very good bullet performance out of the ABLR though compared to the VLD for me.
  3. One Down & One Got Away...

    Nice work! What powder are you using for the ABLR?
  4. More Berger VLD-Hunting Testing on a Hog

    I have read mixed reviews on that bullet in the Grendel. Gave it a try and had similar results to the mixed reviews I had read about. The bullet performs about 50/50. Half the time it does its job and expands and the other half it performs like an FMJ with just a pencil hole for an entry and exit wound.
  5. I regret not heeding your advice and entering when you told me to. That bobcat of mine from this weekend would have been a serious contender
  6. If you are thinking about buying equipment

    Glad to hear it! I'm new to reloading and pretty much have an entire RCBS catalog in my house now
  7. Awesome Deer Hunting Video!

    Deer season may be over but you can sit back and relive some of my most memorable hunts from this season by watching this awesome video! Enjoy!
  8. A Lighting Project

    Oh my! Those do look promising
  9. Surprise, surprise!

    Used to have one jump our five strand fence on a regular basis. Was a mighty pain in the behind to get him back to his original owner every time. Pretty sure by about the 9th or 10th incident the owner got rid of him.
  10. Pet Load for 53 gr Vmax

    Thanks guys!
  11. Pet Load for 53 gr Vmax

    I understand that. Just wanted to see what was working for other people
  12. Pet Load for 53 gr Vmax

    16 inch AR 15, .223, 1:9 twist
  13. Pet Load for 53 gr Vmax

    Anybody have a pet load for the 53 gr Vmax they are willing to share. Thinking of trying 8208 XBR