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  1. Montana Hunting

    See if you can spot the bucks in the top picture.
  2. Montana Hunting

    Thought I would drop by and share some pics of where I hunt at here in Montana. Last year not much time to hunt but looking forward to spring and turkey hunting and bear hunting. Hope you all enjoy the pics.
  3. Winter hunting lease info

    Thanks Bobcat and Bennie for the information. I will look into them.
  4. Winter hunting lease info

    Well I have been gone for awhile but thought I would come back and ask you folks a question. I live in Montana but would like to find a place to go in the winter to hunt small and big game including hogs and varmints.. I would like to know if there is such a thing as a hunting lease that would give a person all winter access ? Also what area would you look into for such a lease? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  5. Wow, this looks and sounds like an awesome hunt, but things are getting pretty busy right now. But I will work on it.
  6. Any T/C Contender Owners?

    Well, I only have two barrels one in 22 rimfire and the other in .256 Win. Mag. I love that caliber and have taken everything from ground squirrels to deer with it. I am opting for an 8" .44 or .41 mag barrel for it. I have owned the gun since 1973 and it was my father's before me. SO it has been in my family since it was new. Nice weapon buglemintoday. Have fun as there is no cure .
  7. First Kill with Blowgun

    Man I wished I had them up here in Montana. That is one awesome squirrel tell the boy congrats. That is one critter I miss hunting. Heck that thing is big enough to barbaque.
  8. Are the hogs back?

    Mikel, good hunting and look forward to your story.
  9. First Blackbuck Hunt!!

    Well they sure don't have critters like that one up here in Montana, Great black buck and nice and dark!!
  10. What to start with?

    I have both a RCBS Rockchucker and a Lyman Orange Crusher and I load everything from .223 to a .416 Remington with no problems. Like the others suggested get the manuals first and welcome to fun. That .284 is a pretty darn good round to load for, I have used one for ground squirrels to bear and elk with no problems.
  11. 300 Wby Mag

    I have one of the 300 Vanguards that is 4 or 5 years old and it really like the 165gr bullet. Barnes,Hornady, and Speer. I use a load right out of the book and reconmend that you start with their suggested loads and work up, Remember that most Weatherby rifles have freebore so watch your bullet seating depth and follow directions carefully. It is an awesome round and really puts the hammer down on all critters.
  12. Cougar Cassrole

    Cougar is awesome, just don't cook it to long or it will be just like the cat, tough as nails.
  13. Homemade Bacon!

    Man you know how to make a mans mouth water, sure wished there was wild pork in Montana.
  14. Let's talk lights

    Hey Buzzard, neet site. Did you check out the video on the worlds strongest flashlight. Pretty cool.
  15. Where to Winter In Texas

    Thanks Jdickey, I will check it out.