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  1. Question for you blackbuck hunters.

    Thanks Bob. I imagine it will be in the area of Dec.10 to 20. We are finished guiding at home by the end of November and then would get the hatches battened down on the ranch so we can be away for a bit. Going to drive. Want to be home by Christmas Eve day at the latest. I will touch base with you well in advance.
  2. Well it looks like my wife and I are going to be heading to Texas next December to do a bit of hunting and have a holiday to warmer climes at the same time. Will be going for whitetail and hogs. I am also thinking about trying to line up a free range blackbuck hunt if they are available, but am wondering if they will be nice and black during that time of year. To me a nice black cape really adds to a blackbuck trophy. What say you experienced black buck hunters?
  3. Very nice buck and free range to boot. Well done.
  4. Euro mount of my first muley.

    Very nice. I have always liked European mounts as they add some variety to a persons trophy room/den. They also take up a lot less space. You did a nice job on that buck.
  5. Wow! I am thinking this could be an interesting year.
  6. Any suggestions for an Elk rifle?

    Ah yes.......... elk rifles and cartridges. Always a busy topic. Well I have taken quite a few elk and have used the.25-06, .270 Win, 7mm Rem Mag, .30-06, .300 Wby, .338 Win Mag and .340 Wby. If it was me, based on what you have said about recoil and given that you may be shooting out to 500 yards, my pick would be a .300 Wby with a good 180 - 200 grain bullet that shoots sub-moa in your rifle.
  7. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone on the Posse and may it be a safe and adventurous one for you.
  8. Fisher

    Well I caught a nice big fisher yesterday, 44 inches long and weighs about 11 pounds. He has a lot of colour, much more grizzled than the males usually are, so I am going to get him mounted for the living room instead of boarding him and shipping to the auction. We always have bear hunters we are guiding ask us what a fisher looks like and in the future I will just be able to point at one instead of getting into my long winded weasel family identification speech. It is prime time for trapping lynx and fisher up here, we have about 14 inches of snow and it is going down to around -5 to -10 a night. How are the other trappers on here doing?
  9. Bobcat, like those mounts. I need to get one of those little pigs the next time I hunt in Texas. I could have shot them on my aoudad hunt in the FT. Davis Mtns. but we saw hundreds and they were so close after the stock I just could not bring myself to whack one with my rifle. Next time I hope to borrow a revolver from someone for the javelina hunting.
  10. Buzzard your comments about the violent games is a good one, unfortunately it is merely one of the large number of problems and stressors that cumulatively have created a warped view of reality for many in society. Overall, and there are dozens of factors at play, these mass shootings are a very graphic display of the moral decay and systematic breakdown of society that has taken place over the last half a century. It is also true that the media and its coverage of these sorts of tragedies, is part of the problem. As a former leo I have thought long and hard about these horrible mass shootings and why they occur, the state of society and the general deterioration of people morally and ethically................ it isn't anything you can discuss in a meaningful way in a few paragraph on a forum. But suffice it to say, there is no easy fix for these tragedies because the 'fix' requires a new beginning and that will not happen until we hit bottom. We are on the downward slope and gaining speed but still have ways to go.
  11. 'Tis the season. . .

    I should add that my poor attitude towards the Red Cross has to do with personal experiences I have had with them over the years and more recently with their work in disaster locations and people I know personally who dealt with them. I truly wish they were in fact half as good as they have been portrayed over the years. Good Will also usually leaves me shaking my head............ in real life situations where I have seen people that really needed some help........... I didn't see a lot of 'good will' being extended and the concern seemed to be more about getting maximum dollar value out of the items as opposed to maximum need. Sad times................. you cannot take anything or anyone at face value it seems.
  12. 'Tis the season. . .

    During WWII when my Grandfathers were all overseas and my two Grandmothers were barely surviving with their children, it was the Salvation Army that was out there helping and giving people a hand. It has been the Legion that I have seen go out and help aging veterans. Those are the two I will always contribute to. The Red Cross can kiss my............ ah, well I think you get the picture.
  13. Microwave Dangers?

    Well I agree there is a lack of hard evidence on this stuff, but............................. I believe in years to come we are going to see the hard evidence. I am no scientist, but I simply can't believe that a lot of exposure to these things can be good for us. We always find out about problems 50 years after it has become common practice. There are studies that hint there may be a problem with some thing we eat or do, but it is already too late for a couple of generations of hominids by the time the facts start rolling in. No one can tell me that having a cell phone buried in your head, blasting little rays into your brain for 24/7 is going to be good for you. You know the people I mean, not a call here and there.............. the ones that live on them. Nor is it good for people to live and work in a microwave environment where they are constantly receiving doses and I don't know why anyone would argue that there isn't likely to be side affects down the road. I have no problem believing that there is something to this microwave food issue. I imagine I will already have been scattered in my favourite place before there is anything conclusive about this released for general consumption by the public, however I think that the simple solution is to use it in moderation and not as the main source of cooking. Not hard for most of us I suspect, but with several generations of young people out there who do not know how to cook ( or much else for that matter ), it could be a problem. Pretty hard to keep texting and yapping on the cell phone hooked on your ear if you have to actually use pots and pans and work the burners on the kitchen range.
  14. 2012 Arizona coues deer

    Great buck and you earned it. Like Bobcat, that is on my bucket list.
  15. Nice buck................ could take a while for your hunter to wipe the smile off his face.