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  1. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Jerry Heres a copy of the letter that comes with them saying why its not actually full auto.
  2. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Jerry I had it locked in semi fire only in the first picture heres how it looks when its in slide fire mode the trigger is covered .Ive seen the one for the AR and its some different from the AK but they both function the exact same way. Mark
  3. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Jerry Heres a picture of the one I have The part I circled is what moves your finger off the trigger as the stock moves. Mark
  4. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Jerry ATF approved them because you are physically pulling the trigger with each shot , by the recoil moving the stock . I have a copy of the letter from the ATF but that still don't mean that they wont pop up someday and change there mind about it. Mark
  5. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    I have one and have never tried it. I bought a Egyptian Maadi AK 47 off a guy who was out of work and needing money . It had a bump stock around 40 magazines and over 3000 rounds of ammo in the Ham cans for next to nothing . Its a typical AK 47 not real accurate firing 1 at a time just never had the urge to let it fly . Maybe some time if I get real bored I might give it a burst . Like Bennie Ive got lots of time in the military with real full auto the way its set up to work doesn't look to impressive to me either. Mark
  6. Turkey eve hog

    Down at my lease outside of Sinton there are lots of hens running all over the place . Havent seen or heard a gobbler since last fall. I will just have to keep trying.
  7. Don't Know About These RCBS Instructions

    Maybe but theres not a picture of my loading bench its not neat at all but I know where everything is most of the time. Right now its a total mess Im building a couple of muzzleloader kits on it .
  8. Don't Know About These RCBS Instructions

    Jerry You can see Im lazy have a LEE Classic press with 4 hole adapters have them all set up and adjusted , don't use the auto advance except for some hand gun calibers
  9. Don't Know About These RCBS Instructions

    Jerry The one that got crushed was the OAL still close or some shorter . Could you have turned the seater screw as you were locking it down , wouldn't take much to cause the crush.I don't have any RCBS pistol dies so never had this problem myself. Have fallen in love with LEE factory crimp dies .wish they made them for everything I own, Mark
  10. The Corpus Christi pistol and rifle club is where I go . All the brass on the ground is fair game for any member to pick up if you want it. Ive probably picked up several thousand pieces to reload . Mark
  11. Jerry Its probably the thickness of the PPU cases as Ive had 45ACP cases do the same just a slight bulge but after finishing loading them haven't had any problems with them. Havent got around to loading any 380 yet I need to I have plenty of empty cases .Ive mostly gone to all Lee Dies only ones not are some calibers they don't make and I had to get a different brand . Mark
  12. Need a little more help on case cleaning

    Jerry If you are doing small batches like that you can dry them with a hair dryer to stop from getting the water spots , or put them on a cookie sheet and stick in the oven for a few minutes till dry. Mark
  13. Gander Mtn

    We had 1 in La Marque before I went into the service was home several years later and it was a Wal Mart .
  14. Gander Mtn

    Had a brother in law who worked at Foleys in Houston back in the 60's .With his employee discount I got my first Ruger super Blackhawk 44 mag for under 60. bucks .Sure wish I still had it .Also got 2 7.7 Arisaka Jap rifles with ammo for 40. bucks while he worked there Then my sister divorced him and no more cheap guns for me.
  15. Need a little more help on case cleaning

    When I got my tumbler it was a package deal came with pins magnet and solution . But Ive also heard about dawn and lemi-shine those should work as well as what came with mine..Have never noticed any deforming on any cases Ive had from 380 to 45/120 in it always deprime them and then tumble . Resize them after they are cleaned up .