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  1. New Posse Facebook Group

    Sorry, but I also will not join FB. It is a hostile environment to people that believe like I do. I wish you all the luck in world on your new endeavor.
  2. Fear of Hogpocalypse

    Latest update: http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/texas-news/tt-private-meeting-sid-miller-hog-poison-safeguard-not-doable/439884287 Mr. Miller walking back several of his claims on the safety of warfarin. Also thought it was interesting the manufacturer pulled their application to operate in TX due to the fear of a lawsuit. Really have a hard time with the statements that the federal labeling can be changed...
  3. @OP, the store is located on the west side of the Dallas North Tollway at El Dorado and the Tollway. From Stacy & Coit, head west on Stacy, turns into Frisco Main Street. At the DNT turn north, take the El Dorado Texas turn-a-round back south. Gander is located on the west side just prior to reaching El Dorado.
  4. lightning is not your friend!!

    A lightning strike is the gift that just keeps on giving. We had damage due to a strke on our neighbors house. Did not hit us, just close enough. Very much a pain to deal with.
  5. They are not too serious yet. Went by the Frisco location. One of the sales guys I know said they haven't started emptying the warehouses yet. He thought the real deals would not hit for a couple more months.
  6. Any Feedback/Experience with ATN

    Specifically this model, atn thor-hd 384 1.25-5x. ATN looks to have a solid product but would like to see feedback from actual users.
  7. Lesson Learned

    @ Bobby, going to leave u to your curiosity.
  8. Any news on PD's

    Wondering if the massive grass fire had a negative impact on the population...
  9. Lesson Learned

    Did not know that they camera "eye" reacts to light just like an animals, So, when I shined my green light at the feeder, the camera eye looked like a shiney emerald. Great shot, but an expensive one...
  10. Every once in a while, the game cam clicks a great pic. Thought the attached would qualify. Can't tell if it is a bird or mouse on the ground, either way, it is dinner for the the bobcat.
  11. Hawg Down

    With those tusks, glad I did not meet this dude in a dark open field. Took me two hours to dress him out. Took him out with my .308 at a hundred yards in the dark.
  12. morning view from the front door

    One lucky man. Great view even without that foul meat.
  13. Gander Mtn

    It's official, Gander Mountain is filing for Chapter 11. Received a notice in the mail, guessing due to my part time gig.
  14. 22-250 AR Platform

    TY Bennie, could you recommend a manufacturer?
  15. 22-250 AR Platform

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post but why can't I find a 22-250 AR platform rifle? Make total sense in my little universe...223 is available, mil me a 22-250....Let me know if something exists....