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  1. For the "car guys" out there

    With the help of a good friend, I finally got the LS1 and T56 installed in the car. Still have to finish up the fuel system, have a driveshaft built etc, etc, etc........should be fun!!
  2. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    To get back on topic........if I was inclined to "shoot up a movie theater" and needed a gun to cause the biggest amount of casualties, I wouldn't choose a bump fire stocked weapon, I would buy a semi auto shotgun, cut the barrel short, add an extended magazine and fill it full of buckshot........I guarantee you I could kill and injure more people with that shotgun than you could possibly kill or injure with a bump fire equipped AR in the same amount of time.......better yet, I could just wait until people were waiting in line and mow them down with a truck.....wouldn't even have to leave the comfort and safety of the seat!! Bobby, I don't carry a bump fire stocked AR to church, but I ALWAYS carry a concealed handgun........and I have never had the urge to shoot up the place!! While it is illegal to carry a bump fire stocked AR, or any other weapon on a college campus here, it is perfectly legal for me to drive into the college parking lot with my concealed handgun.......I have never been able to figure out why I am responsible enough to carry the handgun in the car onto the campus, but I cease to be responsible enough to carry it when I step out of the car??? As far as needing a license to carry a bump fire stocked AR or even a handgun......is it really a right if you have to beg the government to allow you to exercise it?? What part of shall not be infringed includes the requirement to be licensed?? Sometimes, Freedom means other people get to do things you don't particularly like......but the fact that you don't like it doesn't make it wrong and it certainly doesn't justify restrictions. All I can say is I'm very glad you guys aren't making the laws........
  3. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Jerry As you saw yourself, fire from a bump stock firearm is not that controllable.....aimed semi auto fire is........so, you tell me, which is more likely to inflict casualties?? I have a LOT of experience with full auto weapons, the legal kind......so I'm not guessing here. Do you know you can convert a semi auto AK, mini 14, m14, M1 carbine, ect into a very controllable full auto weapon with just a shoe string?? No, it's not legal, but neither is "doing mass harm" with a bump stock equipped weapon!! Having put thousands of rounds downrange through dozens of different automatic weapons, I can tell you I could do "mass harm" much more efficiently with a semi auto AR or AK.....a bump fired toy isn't even in the running! Are you more likely to accidentally hit something downrange with a "spray and pray" bump fire......maybe, but we aren't talking accidentally, we are talking intentional mass harm, aren't we?? Even with a very controllable burst fire automatic you will expend at least 2-3 rounds per target.....that's 10-15 targets per 30 round mag if the shooter has perfect accuracy......how many targets do you think the same shooter could hit with a 30 round mag with aimed semi auto fire?? The ability to throw a bunch of lead downrange quickly DOES NOT make something more effective or, to use your word, "dangerous". As for you son-in-law, would you be just as irritated with him if, instead of a bump stock, he had "wasted" the money on toys for the kids or a piece of jewelry for your daughter instead of a "toy", that you don't approve of, for himself??? Toys for the kids or jewelry for your daughter aren't necessities either.....I'm not saying he should have bought the bump fire stock, I'm saying the stock really isn't the issue..... The line I mentioned is the 2nd amendment.......you either support it, or you don't. If you start justifying restrictions on it, then you, by definition, support gun control....period.....and need has nothing to do with it. I believe the founding fathers intended for citizens to have access to military weaponry.......I'm not talking nukes, chemical or biological weapons or anything of that nature.....I'm talking anything a single soldier would normally use. Just like the 1st amendment covers the use of communication via the internet, even though the writers could not imagine such advanced communications, the 2nd amendment covers advancements in weaponry and not just period correct muskets.....the only reason we can't buy m16s, right along with computers, at Walmart is because we have allowed our rights to be infringed..... I'm NOT placing you in the category of gun control advocate or Fudd, I don't know you that well.......all I'm saying is that your post sure seems to lean that way. And, just for the record, I do not and have never owned a bump fire stock.....and I really don't have any use for one.
  4. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Jerry An AR with a bump fire stock is not more dangerous in the hands of the "wrong" person than is any other AR, again, it is just a tool.....think about what you are saying, it is EXACTLY the same argument used by anti gunners. Psychologists and Psychiatrists would call that thought process "projecting", what that boils down to is that the person "projecting" doesn't believe they could safely use that item, so they think nobody should. I'm sure all aren't like that but many are. Then, we have what is commonly referred to as a "Fudd"........a Fudd claims to support gun rights....and he owns guns....but he secretly thinks that people shouldn't have those he doesn't "approve of".......a classic example is Jim Zumbo and his rant calling AR and AK type rifles "terrorist rifles"........yet old Jim would claim he was an unwavering supporter of the 2nd amendment......many people reading this thread would believe your post is dangerously close to that line of thinking if not well past it. Your last post, sounds like you have more heartburn over the "waste of money" by your son-in-law than anything else.....that really has nothing to do with the bump fire stock......the same could be true if he went out and bought a new set of golf clubs, a boat, a motorcycle or a stack of lottery tickets, none of which are necessities. People spend money on things they don't "need" and can't afford every day, and everybody has a different opinion as to what constitutes a waste of money.......My brother has spent thousands of dollars on fly fishing equipment and goes on an expensive trip to yellowstone every year to catch fish that he immediately releases .....I have absolutely no use for anything golf related, I think it is silly and a waste of time and money to pay big money to hit a little ball with an expensive stick, then chase it around a pasture trying to knock it in a hole.......and then, when they finally get it in the hole, the first thing they do is take it back out!! Personally, I would rather have a bump fire toting gang member shooting at me than a guy with a single shot that KNOWS how to use it!!
  5. lightning is not your friend!!

    We feel really lucky!!! I am amazed at how much damage it did even though it did not come in through the electrical system. It killed one side of the main breaker causing current to back feed through circuits.......before the electrician got here, the garbage disposal switch would turn the den light on and off!!
  6. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Be careful Jerry, you are leaning hard towards anti-gunner arguments here...."nobody needs a _______"...while I agree that he (and EVERY shooter) should be aware of what is behind their target, there is NOTHING dangerous about a bump fire stock (or a real automatic weapon) if used responsibly and in a safe location. After some practice, the accuracy and controllability will improve. An AR with a bump fire stock is no more dangerous than an AR without one......the shooter may be dangerous, but the weapon is just a tool. As to why anyone "needs" anything like that....two reasons......because they want one and because they can!! It is no more a "waste of money" than fireworks, golf clubs, video games, etc, etc, etc.......
  7. lightning is not your friend!!

    I'm back online after having no internet for 9 days due to a lightning strike on our house on Saturday, 4/29. Our wireless internet is supplied through an antenna on the roof of our house, it was hit by lightning Saturday morning, the strike blew up the receiver and started a fire in that room!! Luckily we were home and were able to quickly put the fire out while it was small, I have been dealing with insurance and contractors since that day. The fire damage was relatively minor, the antique desk the receiver was on was damaged, the carped was burned and the wall was scorched, we lost one freezer, the kitchen range, the home alarm system and my internet router. The HVAC was damaged (still waiting to see if it is repairable), the phone wiring was fried and the main breakers were welded into the electrical panel requiring replacement of the entire panel. Even with all that we feel lucky that we were home and the house didn't burn to the ground!!
  8. smoking deal on .243 brass

    Saw this on another board and thought maybe some here might need some......wish it was 7-08 brass!! https://secure.modernarmsinternational.com/shop/243-win-brass-primed-100-pieces/
  9. Hearing protection while hunting??

    I ended up buying a pair of the Howard Leight electronic muffs, figured if they didn't work for hunting I could use them while teaching CCW classes. I have only hunted with them on one trip and they did pretty well in the wind. They do not muffle the sound as much as non electric muffs but I guess they get it down to hearing safe levels?? I would not use them for prolonged shooting of anything as loud as an AR15, I just don't think they would be enough. Thanks to those who offered constructive suggestions, I appreciate the input.
  10. Fear of Hogpocalypse

    Been doing a bit more reading on this......TPWD may also be looking at Sodium Nitrite as a potential hog control agent....from what I've read, it may be a safer alternative to warfarin.
  11. Fear of Hogpocalypse

    No misunderstanding here, I'm neither for or against the use of this product, I don't know enough about it to make that judgement. It may be the worst thing imagined or it may be the best product/method to help control the problem, I just don't know. I also don't buy the idea that because there is currently only one supplier that there is something fishy about it......while warfarin isn't a new product, maybe a commercial bait specifically targeting hogs and containing warfarin has a very limited market.....so far. Or, maybe the current supplier has a patent that allows them to be the only producer?? Either way, if the use of this product becomes widespread, I'd bet other suppliers will figure out a way to get into the market. Bobby, do you have any links to early testing or university research?? If so, could you share them, I'd like to read them. So far, I have only been able to find one.....Here is part of one research paper from 1990.......I wish I could read the entire paper but they want $42 to download it. https://www.jstor.org/stable/3809054?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents The warnings from the manufacturer don't concern me......I believe they are simply following federal and state requirements. Lots of products we buy everyday contain product warnings that are simply ludicrous......especially those mandated by the state of California! I'm not saying we should support the use of this product, but I'm not ready to freak out about it......I don't think we have enough info to make an informed decision yet......apparently, the Texas Ag. Commission believes they have enough info to approve its use and I'm sure they know more about it than any of us.
  12. Fear of Hogpocalypse

    May not be as bad as it looks..... http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/texas/article/Texas-Ag-Commissioner-approves-killing-feral-hogs-10950587.php 'Hog apocalypse': Texas Ag Commissioner approves killing feral hogs with poisonBy Craig Hlavaty, Houston Chronicle Published 11:18 am, Wednesday, February 22, 2017 I The people of Texas are getting a bit more serious about the feral hogs problem plaguing the state. The nasty swine cost Texans nearly $52 million in damages a year making eradicating them a major issue. Nationally, they cost Americans nearly $1.5 billion. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller approved the use of pesticides this week to aid in the killing of feral hogs, long a scourge of Texas landowners. The approved poison is called Kaput Feral Hog Lure and contains warfarin which is already used to kill larger rodents. The colorful Miller offered up a meaty quote to reporters on Monday regarding the poison plan. "This is going to be the hog apocalypse, if you like: If you want them gone, this will get them gone," Miller said. Some Texas hunters are miffed because they enjoy hunting and killing the hogs with firearms or a bow and arrow, if they are especially skilled. For hunters shooting the hogs is a lot more fun than just poisoning them. The Texas Hog Hunters Association's Eydin Hansen says hunters who shoot and kill the hogs for their dinner tables would be less likely to if they suspect the hogs have poison in their systems. That group has started a Change.org petition to protest Miller's decision. Scavenger animals like buzzards and coyotes may also be exposed to the chemical pellets aimed at eradicating feral hogs if they eat the hog carcass. Miller's office wrote in statement to Dallas' CBS11 they fully-researched the Kaput product and considered the environmental impact. before approving its use on feral hogs "Kaput Feral Hog Bait has been researched extensively and field-tested in Texas over the past decade in partnerships with various state agencies including TDA. Hogs are susceptible to warfarin toxicity, whereas humans and other animals require much higher levels of exposure to achieve toxic effects," the statement said. The substance will only be available to licensed pesticide applicators, according to Miller's office, and dispensed in special hog feeders built for attracting the hogs. "Warfarin has been studied extensively in animals and is practically non-toxic to birds. Due to the insolubility of warfarin in water, there should be no impact to aquatic life. Non-target wildlife, livestock and domestic pets would have to ingest extremely large quantities over the course of several days to reach a toxic level of warfarin in the bloodstream," Miller's office added. The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service has approved of the use of warfarin. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has been consulted as well and they support this new feral hog control management practice. "In general, secondary exposure to other animals is low because the levels of warfarin in target animals are generally too low to be toxic to either a predator or scavenger," Miller's statement read. What about the nagging worry that a feral hog's meat is inedible? Some people say they taste just as good or better than standard pig flesh. "Warfarin at 0.005 percent as a feral hog toxicant has been shown to have a low level of residue in hog meat, especially in muscle tissue, which is what humans typically consume. One person would have to eat 2.2 lbs of hog liver–where the warfarin is most concentrated in the body–to achieve the same exposure as a human would receive in one therapeutic dose of warfarin," the statement read.
  13. Fear of Hogpocalypse

    That old story has been around as long as I can remember (and I've lived here 56 years)......except they were supposedly released to control deer population......it was a bogus story then and still is. Oklahoma Wildlife Dept has never denied that there are mountain lions in the state but they certainly didn't release them to control deer or hogs. A male mountain lion can have a 200 square mile territory and young males are often pushed out of areas by dominant males and move to suitable habitat. I know of one lion that was found near a train tract outside of Red Rock, OK in 2004, it wore a tracking collar from South Dakota and had traveled over 700 miles! Another was hit by a car near Minco, OK in 2012 and it's DNA showed it came from the Black Hills. Mountain lions are native to Oklahoma but, historically, most were killed out to protect livestock......deer are also native to Oklahoma but I can remember back in the late 60s and early 70s it was EXTREMELY rare to even see a deer track in most of the state because they had been killed out in most areas. While confirmed mountain lion sightings seem to be increasing, they are still uncommon in the state.......I've been hunting and spending time in the outdoors most of my life (including a lot of predator calling) and, although I have seen tracks a couple of times, I have never actually seen a mountain lion. Back on topic.....poisoning hogs with warfarin sure seems like a stupid idea because of all the reasons mentioned......but I would like to hear what the Texas wildlife biologists say about those concerns before taking a side. I'm guessing they know more about it than I do? I really doubt any method of control will be effective as long as people are making money off wild hogs! It's funny how loudly farmers/ranchers complain about hog problems but then either won't allow hunting/ trapping or want to charge people to hunt/trap them........
  14. Hearing protection while hunting??

    Thanks OP!
  15. Hearing protection while hunting??

    WTXJ I have limited experience with electronic muffs and I realize I could turn down the volume, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the electronic muffs doesn't it?? In my limited experience, when turned down far enough to eliminate wind noise, I couldn't hear anything else?? OP I don't own a set of electronic muffs yet so I'm looking for experience to see what to buy and what to avoid.