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  1. 28th Posse Hog Hunt!-Sign Up Here!

    A TPP hog hunt is on my to do list, but can't go at this time.
  2. You may have just given me a new use for my 17HM2
  3. 10mm Reloading Resources in Houston Area

    OK, here's what I have done: I was looking for a heavy "social" load for my new Glock20SF and wanted to use Hornady 180gr XTPs. The new Hornady manual listed a max load of 14.9gr. of Accurate #9, 1250FPS, but no pressure. The Western Powders manual lists a max load of 13.5gr. of #9, 1242 FPS, and max pressure of 34,100 PSI (max average pressure for this cartridge is 37,500 PSI). So, the load I ended up with is: 180gr. XTP, Hornady case (once fired),13.5gr. A#9, CCI 300 primer, Cartridge Overall Length 1.260. I have not chronoed this load yet, but I eyeballed the primers and miked the case heads and, though a stout load, I don't think it's over pressure. I feel more comfortable with it than I would with some of the hot Double Tap or Underwood loads. My Glock is stock except for a Rock Your Glock steel guide rod and 22lb. recoil spring. I plan on changing to a 24lb. spring for this load and use the 22lb. spring for my "plinking load" (180gr. Ranier FP, 10.3gr. A#7, CCI 300 primer, Midway case, estimated 1100FPS). I've been house bound with medical issues for a few months now, but when I can get out again, I'll chrono these loads and post results.
  4. 10mm Reloading Resources in Houston Area

    Winchester LPP can be used as a regular and a magnum primer, that means to me it is a hot primer when used in an application that calls for a standard primer. When using a reloading recipe that calls for it, I use it, If the recipe calls for a standard primer other than Win.LPP, then that is what I use. The issue here is pressure spikes rather than velocity. Also, Accurate #9 would be the most suitable powder for what you are trying to accomplish. FWIW, I've been hand loading 10mm for 25 years for my Colt Delta Elite and Glock 20. LOVE the 10.
  5. What else would you expect from a city that continues to re-elect Nancy Baloney.
  6. Hornady progressive

    I got a Hornady Projector 25 years ago and I have had no problems with it that did not involve some adjustment, so I can say nothing about customer service. At the time, Dillon did not make a 5 station press and I wanted to use die sets and powder measures I already had. I like this press so much I got the Hornady progressive shot shell press. I have a friend that has had a Dillon XL650 for 10 or 15 years and he loves it, so I guess it comes down to warranty, availability, and such. The Projector is an earlier version of the Lock-N-Load.
  7. Best Bore Cleaning Technique, Solvent for Semi-Auto Pistol?

    I have several semi-autos and this is my approach to keeping them running trouble free. After a shooting session I lock the slide open and ck. the bbl., breach face, mag. well, etc. for crud and debris. If everything looks fairly clean, back in the safe she goes. If things are starting to look cruddy, it's time to clean. 1- Field strip 2- Run a dry bronze brush through the bore a few times to loosen up the crud 3- Run a patch with Hoppes #9 back and forth through the bore a few times followed by 2 or 3 dry patches 4- If bbl. is not clean, repeat 2 and 3 5- When bbl. is clean, run an oiled patch and a dry patch through it 6- I clean the receiver and slide with Q-tips and a rag. My cleaner of choice - Hoppes #9 7- Lightly lube at contact/wear points and reassemble. Cycle some dummy rounds/A-Zooms and dry fire to ck. for function 8- Wipe down with silicone cloth, give it a little kiss, and back in the safe she goes My go to cleaner is Hoppes #9, but I have other stuff for stubborn copper and lead. My go to lube was Break Free CLP, but I have recently begun trying some others.
  8. Today's Birthday Boy

    Happy Birthday Bobcat! Get some rest.
  9. Ballistics programs

    2. Ranging with a scope, in my experience, works best for larger animals (deer hogs etc.) and is only an estimate, and only out to about 300yds or so. Beyond that and 50yds. error can mean a miss. I have a range finder, and have to give it credit for a P-dog at 309yds. 3. Yup. That's what I use in the field. Not much learning curve with a range finder. 1. I have used Sierra Infinity V-5 for years and recently got V-6 when my old computer died (yes it is compatible with Windows8). In 2004, I got a 17HMR, called Hornady to get the Ballistic Coefficient, set it up as a "custom bullet", chrono'ed the cartridge, measured the distance center of scope to center of bore, changed the altitude in the program (I live in Colorado), and made myself a cheat sheet for 25 to 300 yds. and I was good for center hits on P-dogs. V-6 has some features I haven't fooled with yet. Infinity has an extensive list of component and factory bullets, so all you need is actual or best guess velocity, and actual scope height (got a tape measure?). You can play around with various zero ranges, plot out the trajectory and wind drift, and print it out and hit the range. I usually adjust my scope at 100yds. to whatever my chart says it should be and I'm ready to hit the field.
  10. A good weekend of hunting.

    Time to fire up the bar-b-cue.
  11. Got a Shield

    Two things: 1 - I try to run 100 or so rounds through a pistol to break it in, so a failure to function in first 50 rounds probably means "shoot me some more". 2 - A malfunction with commie ammo is most likely the ammo. Feel free to call me narrow minded for my dislike of all things communist/socialist.
  12. Reloading 9mm....suggestions wanted

    1- yes 2- yes 3- depends on where you are. I had to do some searching, but I found everything I need. 4- yes 5- not a dime, but you will shoot more, and even during an ammo drought.
  13. Bobcat loves Catnip

    Pheeew!! It was just A bobcat, and not THE Bobcat. Had me goin' there.
  14. Rugered another

    Had a rifle of adequate caliber, and remembered to bring the chin can. I'd say Live Oak came prepared to do business.
  15. cell phone help??

    Cell phones make and receive calls?