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  1. Trolling

    I have trolled many times. Depends on your terrain. We have popped as many foxes from trolling as we have from setting up and calling. We have a major area where there's nothing but prickly pears and short mesquites. A very good field of view. Have also used this kind of hunting on cleared fields near Lake Allan Henry and had good success on Coyotes. I think Bob reverts back in time and stays true to the past. I believe he and shooter put their call out on the ground at night. Something I'm not a fan of at all. I want eyes looking my direction to see them before they get to me. We have noticed that we have to keep volume a little louder so they have already committed towards the. Road and we only play sound from the front of the truck. I don't recommend this if your only using 1 light. 2 or 3 minimum and if hunting fox be sure and have a shotgun. When we see eyes we use walkiies to get driver to stop and turn off truck. Turn volume down and squeak them on in. Piece of cake. I know guys that do this during the day for greys and they swear it still works then
  2. New Property

    Like I said before Doug. If I cant win it I hope someone I know takes my money! Good luck and thanks for hooking us up with C Barnes for this coming WTBBC. Text me during the night and let me know how things go down there. I have cell service each time we cross a ridge.
  3. My first hunt

    Come on out anytime.... Just leave that darned strobe light you were wearing at home for sure. Fact I see it I'm shooting it! Lol
  4. My first hunt

    GARY!!! Where have you been brother? Thought perhaps your ex wife's father had found you and given you a pair of cement sneakers!!!
  5. coyote hunting partner

    I sure wish I was in your area.
  6. My first hunt

    I appreciate your comments Chris. We will go again with better conditions and have a much better night. I enjoyed your company and most of all your enthusiasm for the opportunity to go hunting. Was nice to introduce you to those Winchester 3 1/2 " 4 buck shells! Lol
  7. We will be there. Josh( shotguntex4life) Claymanater (clay) Claymanater ( David)
  8. Sign up josh (shotguntex4life) and Clay King
  9. We enjoyed it Brian and look forward to next years hunt. We will be there again.
  10. I had a set this weekend that was out of the ordinary. I got set up and the first thing I led with was an interrogation howl. I usually allow a 2 minute silence before I got back with a young answer howl. Well the caller was sounding like it had week batteries and while I was watching the count down I heard it howl again with the same sound. I thought " heck the Caller is screwed up". I went to the remote and noticed it was still counting down like it was supposed to. Just then I heard it go off again and something just wasn't the same. I looked up and there he was about 150yds out and howling like a fool. I got on the radio and told Clay he was out front and Clay dropped him as he was head up howling again. Laughed for awhile but changed the batteries anyhow! He was big and I will send a pic soon.
  11. I use a different e-caller most of the time for coyotes. When I do use the fox pro I use crying jack and jack rabbit distress. Interrogation howls first and after couple of mins start with the distress. My go to sound is groundhog distress. Had very good luck using it as a coaxer and as a main sound in a set. The country I hunt is very flat and I don't think I would have very much success if I did not use the decoy. Even though it seems I don't ever get the direction the coyotes will come from right. I do try not to be in the same line as the decoy. When everything works right it seems so easy. But that's usually followed by a string of dry sets. Brings you back to reality of no matter how many things you do right ( sound,terrain,placement,volume,wind direction and sun shine) it only takes 1 to go wrong and blow the entire set I prefer the Alpha dog from primos for Coyotes. Personally have a better percentage with it out here west anyway. Mouth calls have been the best for me but not by much when I look at numbers. Another thing I've done for 2012 & 2013 was keeping a journal documenting precisely every detail about your successful sets and also your dry sets as well. You'd be surprised how much info you can gather in a short amount of time. During summer I look through the info for trends and because of some of the info I have had a much better season this year than the last 2
  12. Advice on caliber/load

    I also use the Howa Axiom 1500. I shoot the .204 and would not shoot anything else. Use the .204 in Hornady 32gr. As long as I don't hit shoulder on entry it usually doesn't blow them up. Did your Howa come with the Nikko scope and if so how do you like it?
  13. Being retired and visiting WalMart

    Mike... Some of the most enjoyable and certainly most memorable experiences in my life all started with me doing something incredibly stupid!! All seeming to be a good idea at the time!
  14. Electronic caller advice

    Agree.....Hardest thing for me to let sink in to my head was the VOLUME. Most times LESS is MORE