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  1. Hunting hogs with dogs - a new adventure for me

    Not sure why those photos are rotating when posting.........they are correct orientation on my computer.
  2. Spent some time this past weekend in Louisiana hunting hogs with dogs. I've never done that before. What an adventure. We ran down some pretty good size hogs, and then finished them off with a knife. Hunt was sponsored by and provided by - Base Camp 40 - Warriors in the Wild. An organization that gets disabled Vets back out hunting, and enjoying the outdoors. The large boar in the photos is a 400 pound boar with cutters that measured just a whisker under 4 inches. (He was taken with a rifle, as the guides did not want to risk getting too close to that bruiser). The sow I took came in right at 300 pounds. Biggest one I've ever taken. Marc
  3. Is A Neck Sizing Die the Only Way to Go Here?

    I had a GEM of an Enfield .303 for many years. It was from early in the production, and had 6 groove rifling (which apparently made it pretty unique, because they later went to 4 groove, and toward the end of the war I heard production used 2 groove, just to get them out the door). Mine was a tack driver with hand loads. NOT that easy to do, as it uses the odd .311 bullets, which there were not a lot of choices in at the time. I always used full length sizing die no brass that was fire formed in my chamber. No issues, no real brass flow. I would reload them a couple of times, then before the 3rd try, check the case length for length. I don't remember ever having to trim one. Most of my brass supply at the time was from surplus .303 ammo, so maybe they used short brass to start with 'back in the day', but I never did trim any of them. With hand loads, I had no problem hitting steel at 600 yards using the iron sights (well, hitting anything at 600 yards with iron sights isn't exactly easy, but I always felt like this gun shot better than I did on any given day). That rifle NEVER missed a shot. Every animal it was pointed at went down right where it stood. That rifle was my 'brush country' coyote gun for many years because I've never had a bolt gun that could cycle as fast as that thing. If I was in a hurry, that thing could lay down some led at multiple coyotes. My hunting buddy at the time used to joke about my semi-automatic bolt gun. It was FAST.
  4. Your Longest Shot Ever

    This bobcat at 386 yards. The Rock River AR with heavy barrel had an affinity for 69 grain sierra's or 70 gr Barnes bullets. I had been watching her for about 5 mins while she tried to catch a mouse, then when she did, she sat upright with the mouse held in her paw, giving me a nice vertical target (all I had to do was not mess up the windage and get a smooth trigger pull). Bullet went right through her neck.
  5. Your Longest Shot Ever

    812 laser measured yards for this 6 x 6 Elk in Colorado. .300 WSM with 175gr Barnes LRX. The guy I was going hunting with warned me that in this area a 'close' shot was gonna be 500 yards, so I spent 2 months on the range with that rifle before we went, doing nothing but shooting 750 yard and 1000 yard targets. I had the scope dope dialed in for that load, and it came in REAL handy.
  6. Kyleigh Shoots

    Bob, I've been trying to get her out hunting more......would love to bring her on a Posse Hog Hunt....but our schedules never seem to work out. She likes turkey hunting (provided I do MY part and call them in - although she did take her crack at calling this past season). She went deer hunting for the first time this past December. Bad weather kept us from bagging a buck (REALLY bad weather that apparently kept the deer hunkered down under cover for the 3 days we were at it). I'm ever hopeful this year will be her year for her first Buck. Things are still early stages, but you 'might' just see her on a hunting show or two this fall. I'll post an update once things firm up. M
  7. Kyleigh Shoots

    And a photo/bio from an article in the Sure Shots magazine as "one to watch" M
  8. Kyleigh Shoots

    My 14 year old daughter has entered the world of competitive shooting. She's doing well at it. Thought I would drop this here and see if any of the Posse members want to visit her site, or look her up on Facebook, YouTube, etc. The links for her social media pages as well as some wonderful sponsors are listed on her site. http://kyleighshoots.com/ She loves the support she gets from the shooting and hunting community. She's met some outstanding people over the course of this past year. Regards, Marc
  9. More p***ed Off

    My last one took 10.5 months start to finish. Seemed like forever! Checking the NFA tracker web site and it looks like the turn-arouind times are coming down to the 3-4 month time-frame these days, and for SBR's the turn around is about 30 days. I may have to SBR a couple of rifles just to get it out of the way. M
  10. Texas Food Pyramid

    Nailed it. M
  11. Raccoon Invasion!

    Ole Blood, The squirrels have gotten so bad at my place this year, I have spent the past couple of trips to the ranch just sitting down by the deer feeders and popping them with the silenced rifle, simply to trim the population a bit. I used to see ONE squirrel, every once in a while. This year, I litterally see DOZENS hanging around the deer feeders after they go off.
  12. 24th Posse Hog Hunt-Dec. 5th-7th, 2014!

    I'd love to come hunt with you over there again. Loved the Ranch last time we were there. Great place to hunt. Unfortunately I'm getting my trigger finger operated on 1 December, so I figure I'll have to miss out on this one. Hope ya'll do good. Marc
  13. Proud of my daughters first turkey....

    Had to share a picture of my youngest daughters very first turkey (well - very first ANYTHING she has hunted). She likes bow hunting, and I was trying my best to get them into bow range, but they WHOA'd up at about 40 yards, and she didn't think she could make the shot. SO, as they started to meander away, she switched to my .300 Blackout, and made a VERY difficult shot at about 70 yards. The 174 gr Lehigh Defense Subsonic bullet center-punched him, and he went right down. A very 'proud papa' moment for me. She is just beginning to get into hunting. This was a first step for her. She tells me she'll be ready for deer season this fall. I don't doubt her a bit. Marc
  14. Hoginator 17 Feeder Light-A Better Mousetrap?

    Would be interesting if they did an IR version. The critter wouldn't even know they turned on a light, but for anyone using night vision, it would be an instant "somethings there" notification. M
  15. Hunting Backup Pistol

    Hard to beat a 10mm for just about anything but bear country (in which case I would advocate a .44 magnum - minimum). I've actually been hunting with people that looked at me funny when I strapped on my 'backup' handgun to go deer hunting (or hog hunting, or elk hunting, etc). To me, it's a 'no brainer'. ALWAYS (and I do mean ALWAYS) have a backup. My cousin walks out the door to go hunting with his 30-06 and the 4 rounds in the rifle. I just can't do that. I require a backup mag for the rifle, AND of course my backup handgun. These days I carry the backup glock in a Galco shoulder holster (so I've got the mag in the gun and two off-side reloads - just in case). I hunted in the mountains of Colorado for a few years, and I heard to many stories of hunters who got lost, rifle broke, and they ended up in 'survival mode' for a few days. If that ever happens, you'll be happy to have that handgun at your side. I like how you think Mikel! A handful of .45 Colt plus .410 slugs/bugshot would be a nasty surprise for a hog that just didn't want to go down. M