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  1. Order Posse T-Shirts Here!

    Hi Bobcat, Do you still have the TShirt in 4XL? If so what is the current cost? The last thing I saw was in'16.
  2. New Posse Facebook Group

    Bob is this website closing? There is so much great info here. Will this be archived anywhere?
  3. Order Posse Member Caps Here!

    Hi Bob, I placed my order through Pay Pal today. Very Kind Regards, Charlie1947 Paid.Shipped.
  4. Order Posse Member Caps Here!

    Bob, I'm out of checks. I'll order as soon as they come in. I so rarely use checks, I didn't pay attention. Very Kind Regards, Charlie1947
  5. Order Posse Member Caps Here!

    Hi Bob, I sure would like a Tan/Green, I can't find a current price. The last price I saw was in 2013. Can I pay with a card, or do you need a check. Have an awesome day!
  6. Burnham Brothers

    Me too! Question is who will sell it? I can't find anything from Burnham Brothers. Very Kind Regards, Charlie1947
  7. Rifle Choice for Predator Hunting?

    Thanks Bwana, your a kind man! I truly know the terminology! I'm 67 and owned guns since I was 14. However, 12 years ago, my wife of 22 years came up with a rare cancer. Unfortunately, she was uninsurable at age eight. So that 'lil deal cost me over $250,000.00. When I ran out of cash. my entire collection was sold for her. I did so without thought. I lost her and my collection. Since then my health has been bad, but it's going to get much better. After I heal enough, I'm getting my left knee replaced. My right knee was scoped last year, that will last awhile. In a few months I will be able and desiring to get a predator rifle and skeet gun BTW, I used to manage a gun shop in San Angelo. It TRULY was the brainfart of an ol' fart! Kind Regards, Charlie1947
  8. Rifle Choice for Predator Hunting?

    Of course your right about magazines, I had a senior moment! The MVP just really looks like a predator getter.
  9. Rifle Choice for Predator Hunting?

    Hi Folks, I'm really wanting to get back into predators, but I'm short on budget. I'm recovering from my latest surgery. I noticed a new/relatively new predator rifle. It is the Mossberg MVP Predator. It's only in a 10 shot clip in .223/5.56 Nato. It also has a gray laminate stock. I did a search and didn't the this rifle discussed. I know there's a lot of hunting wisdom, so this is where I came for answers. Thanks for your time! The 10 shot clip that's included, can be any AR clip! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.
  10. Predator Posse AR's

    I haven't found any discussion about either the complete rifles or the lowers with the Predator Posse emblems embossed on them? I thought they were awesome! Kind Regards, Charlie1947