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  1. Most of the video's come from different nights, except the two look outs down and 6 hogs down.
  2. Terry T. and teamed up to shoot this sounder up. Terry T. took one shot and the bolt on his AR broke. He did kill the pig he was shooting at. I dropped my first pig as well. I stayed on the pigs repositioning myself several times in order to keep my line of fire safely away from cows in the distance and Terry. Towards the end of the video you can hear Terry frantically working the charging handle trying to clear the malfunction. I manged to drop 5 in all for a total 6 that were recovered.
  3. Terry T. Teamed up to take these to sows down. It was nearly a full moon and we were working our way around the sounder to get in position to shoot, when the sows spotted us. We had to set up and shoot quickly. We were only able to drop the two sows.
  4. Hopefully Bobcat can figure out how to upload the video's for me.
  5. Pretty cool picture. Probably never get another one like that.
  6. AR 15 new build

    Unprimed new Lake City brass shouldn't required anything special other than checking the length. I wouldn't worry about crimping the brass either. I've reloaded and shot thousands of rounds thru my AR's and never had an issue. I myself like the Hornady Custom Grade Dies.
  7. Hawg Down

    Nice hog there.
  8. Problem or fun?

    Tinker, Terry T, Benoh and myself all hunt pigs for a farmer and a couple cattle ranchers.
  9. Problem or fun?

    Sounds like a fun problem to me.
  10. Maybe Bobcat can put the video up so you don't have to click the link. I know it's a long video but it's worth it to get a cat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KihJyaFJStk&feature=youtu.be
  11. Terry T. and I were out hog hunting after the rendezvous. With no pig action happening we started to call for coyotes. Shortly after this female bobcat was called in well over 400yrds away across a freshly planted cornfield. I could've let her creep in closer but since it had been awhile since I last shot a bobcat I didn't want Terry claiming this one so I seized the opportunity and blew a fist sized hole in it with a suppressed 6.8 120 gr sst. Video was filmed with an armasight zues 640 3-24x75 https://youtu.be/KihJyaFJStk
  12. Rebel Silencers

    For that kinda money it's worth giving them a try for sure.
  13. I'm using the Armasight Zeus 640 3-24×75mm