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  1. What are we waiting for?

    Could you link to the post? I can't find it.
  2. Never seen one like that before. Great mount! Love that aggressive pose.
  3. Kansas Buck

    Very nice! Just took my first buck with a .308 AR... Pretty cool
  4. Probably about 11 pounds. Not sure exactly though. I just put on one of those fancy quick slings, so that should help in carrying it around. It's well balanced though, so I can take free standing shots pretty easily. The forward grip helps too.
  5. Nothing wrong with that! I just bought my first .308 rifle. Loving it so far!
  6. Thanks y'all! That AR10 is A LOT of fun to shoot, but it's pretty expensive and ammo is getting harder and harder to find.
  7. Thanks for reading y'all! I get almost as excited sharing the hunt as I do actually doing the hunting. It's an Armalite AR-10 in .308 with a floated barrel. I've got a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14 power scope (a bit overkill, but I bought this rifle to do long range shooting). Shot with a Federal Vital-Shoks.
  8. Thanks amigo! Here's a shot of the mighty hunter
  9. The next morning I wake up and head out to the same blind. I see my 10 pointer, but can't get a good shot in on him, so it was pretty much a wash for the morning hunt. During the afternoon, I drive around for a few hours, hoping to see another buck to shoot. I happen upon a few ducks hanging out at one of the tanks. I hop out of my truck and sneak up on them as they swim around in the water. I came over the levee and dropped two black mallards. Never even saw it coming Around 3 pm, I head out the the same blind again. This was the last deer hunt of the season, so I had to make this one count. Early on, I see a 6 point with pencil thin, white antlers, that would be a definite shooter, but I really wanted that 10 pointer. I tell myself, "OK, I'll give it (the 10 pointer) until 4:30 to come out and if I don't see him, then I'll shoot this little buck." Well, 4:30 turned into 4:45, which turned into 5:15, which turned into 5:45. Around that time, I see my buck. He's wayyyy far off, I'd say 300+ yards but headed towards the feeder. He get's about halfway and then turns off into the brush. Man was I pissed, but I still wouldn't give up. So I wait and I wait. Finally around 6:00pm, he pokes his head out of the brush about 75 yards away. He was mine! I aim at the base of his neck, where his spine meets the shoulder blades and take the shot. He drops immediately, but then gets up and crashes into the bushes about 50 yards off the sendero. I walk to my truck and grab my dog, who I've been training to be a blood tracker and set her off on her first real track. She is immediately on the trail and about 5 minutes later, she finds him dead. A great day for both hunter and dog!! Here he is: On the way back to the trailer, I happen to catch another coyote that was so intent on watching a group of javelina that he didn't see or hear me pull up in my truck. It proved a fatal error. Another one down! Overall, it was a great hunt. I'm really proud of my dog and it was good to see all the hard work pay off. Another awesome deer season is in the bag, now it's onto coyotes and hogs Thanks for reading!
  10. Finally got a chance to head down to the lease last weekend. We needed to cull a bunch of bucks from the property, so I went down with the intention of shooting my first buck in almost 12 years. I also just bought a new rifle, so I was really excited to put it through its paces and see how it shot. I got in pretty late Friday night, so my first hunt was on Saturday morning. I sat in the blind from 6:15 to 9 and didn't see a single animal. This blind usually has a group of 20-25 javelina that hang around, so I was pretty surprised that I didn't at least see a few of them. It was super foggy, so that probably had something to do with it. For the afternoon hunt, I decided to switch it up and sit in a tripod that we call the Zoo Blind. Another hunter sat there earlier and saw a bunch of bucks that would be good to harvest, including a piebald 8 point that needed to go. I got out there around 3 pm, corned the senderos, parked my truck about 300 yards away on the other side of a water tank (with my dog inside, this will come into play later), and climbed into the blind. At around 4 pm, I see a few deer start to come out, but they were mostly doe's with yearlings. I saw two young bucks hanging out together that had white, thin antlers, which probably would be good candidates for removal from the gene pool, but I decided to wait a little bit longer. Around 5 or so, a really nice 10 pointer walks out into the sendero. He looked to be at least 3.5 years old and had a pretty nice rack. The one deficiency that I did notice was that his G1's were almost non-existant, so he is not a trophy buck for our property and would be good to harvest. He was also blind in his right eye, so he might not have made it to the next season. Here's my first view of him: And another: I was hesitant to shoot him, because I am not super proficient at aging deer from a distance and I'm not an official member of the lease (my dad is) and I didn't want to piss anyone off. He wasn't going anywhere, so I decided to scope out a few other deer. I was searching the edges of the grass for bedded down deer when I see a coyote. He comes out into the sendero and I can tell he smells something he wants. I watch him run up and down the grassline with his nose to the air when he seems to catch the scent he wants and starts moving towards it. I realize he's moving towards my truck! I don't know if he actually smelled my dog and was going to check her out (it was a male coyote), but he was making a beeline towards my truck. The windows were rolled down so my dog could get some air, which made me worried that she might see the coyote and jump out of my truck after him. The coyote disappeared behind some brush and I said to myself, "If he come out on the side closer to my truck then I'm going to take him. Well, sure enough he did, so I put a .308 round right behind his shoulder blade. It was a running shot at about 125 yards. My gun is on sight
  11. Texas denied secession request!

    Forget secession. This is our country, not theirs, and I'm not about to give it up...
  12. New ARs

    Thanks y'all. I'm heading out to Fowlerton as soon as I can get out of work. I'm having trouble concentrating, because I'm so excited to get out there and sight it in.
  13. New ARs

    Took my dad to pick out an AR and a pistol and ended up picking one up for myself. The top one is my Armalite AR-10 in .308 with a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14x40. It is one sweet rifle and I can't wait to shoot it tomorrow. The bottom AR is a Colt M-15 in 5.56 (my dad's). The pistol is a Springfield XDM .40. All very nice guns
  14. My first muley

    Nice buck! I use that same caliber and round. Last deer I shot right in the spine at the base of the neck and it internally severed it's head
  15. Wow! Looks like something from a Stephen Hunter novel. iSnipe, anyone?