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  1. Sorry to hear about the pain as I can relate and the meds can make me incoherent.
  2. Ok Bobby, this is getting boring as you always do a great job.....lol
  3. My New 1911 10mm

    Picked up some 200 grain TC cast with a BHN of 16 sized at .401 from ACME and seeing some potential. Pistol: RIA Pro Match, Model 52,000 Benchrest: 25 yds Bullet: 200 grain TC PB cast, .401" Lube: 45-45-10 Case: Starline .985" Primer: WLP Powder: 8gr of Longshot COL: 1.250" Velocity: 1227 fps ES: 10 SD: 3 30 shots at 25yds off the bench:
  4. Son-in-law and I went calling last night. Stand after stand of nothing. We decided to go to our fox honey hole and bingo! We actually called in two but it was thick, the other got down wind, busted us and just barked at us! Taken with a helmet mounted PVS-14, CRM 201-IR laser, Weatherby SA-459 TR in 12gauge and my HW13 (tungsten) 3" BB handloads.
  5. Montana Hunting

    Beautiful country.
  6. BABs Birthday

    Happy Birthday. I hope it's the best day of your life!
  7. Another One Again

    Holy smokes.....you are ate up with them buggers! Got to be unsettling.
  8. Johnny Cash....

    Can't wait to see range pics.
  9. this "Revolution" is really a subtle change

    Looking good as always Bobby!
  10. 2017 Axis Bucks

    Yes, We cape them. A couple fellows that I know use the horns to make knife handles and calls too. Bob, That's a nice collection you have there.
  11. NFA: 12,019 signatures to go with 9 days left!
  12. Be sure to click the link in the confirmation email or it will not count!
  13. LTC...

    6 weeks for me three years ago. My wife took her class, etc in August and recieved her license in the mail at the end of January.