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  1. First Score for the Concealed Carry pistol

    Good thing that coon wasn't packing! Patriot
  2. Found Some 22LR!

    I still do not understand why .22 is so hard to find! Wonder if the Makers are holding it back to keep the price up? Surely people are stocked up by now? Patriot
  3. No, he's not for sale!

    For God's sake Shooter, BREED Him quickly. We need more dogs like this!!!!!
  4. The Flag

    Amen, Brother Mike, Amen ! !!
  5. Call Killers hog

    Restraint? We don need no stinkin restraint! Lokking good there , Cal ole buddy!
  6. The Easter Bunny! So Cuddly!

    I think 4shots comment on a new rule violates our Posse parlamentary procedure and sets a dangerous precedent. Not to mention coming periously close to "Whining Without Filing Proper Forms". I move that this be brought before the committee for a hearing!
  7. interesting reading,folks,and since I just got my butt toasted by some OCT freinds(not to mention people I don't even know)on Facebook,I will reserve my comments on the Open Carry movement. My only concern is wether or not it is doing harm to our right to carry in general? I like concealed carry myself,because of the surprise factor,but in the summer,open carry would be a nice option,because I like to carry a full size 1911,and it gets a little hard to conceal under light shirts(although I manage!) My biggest gripe is ,concealed or open,why the heck do I have to PAY to exercise what should be covered under the 2A,which is "bearing" arms? I should not have to pay to exercise this right,any more than I should have to pay for Free Speech,Protection from unreasonable search and seizure,and so forth. I hope the OCT bunch takes a long look,and makes sure that what they are doing is not harmful!
  8. 23 Done 13 to go

    Glad to hear your progressing well, Rick. We'll rememeber to pray for the sick and for a cure to all cancers when praying for you!
  9. Not a hero at all , a traitor !

    Holy Smokes. You guys must reAlly not like mexico!
  10. Not a hero at all , a traitor !

    Holy Smokes. You guys must reAlly not like mexico!
  11. Not a hero at all , a traitor !

    Holy Smokes. You guys must reAlly not like mexico!
  12. Hill country hogs

    Wow,good work! is that pulled Pork I smell on the wind?Roughly where in the Hill Country are you? Patriot
  13. Stock for AR build

    I have the Magpul UBR on my TPP rifle. It is a 6 position collapseable,but it has a "cheek" piece on top that doesn't move,providing consistant cheek weld that I like A LOT! Patriot
  14. Breaking in the New Year

    I'm thinking a nice skinner,with the burl handle and a canine tooth from the you inset! Now that would look cool!!!!(just an Idea,not an order,I can't afford one!) Patriot
  15. Rabbit AKA cottontail distress calls

    I can vouch for Prairiewolfs calls. The workmanship and sound are superb!And what the heck,try the woodpecker calls,might work. I have used them at night,and they work then too.I have heard some folks use North American sounds in Africa successfully,so why not Austrailia? Might be so new ,they can't resist! Patriot