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    Been Varmint hunting since i was old enough to shoot; just now getting into the predator part.

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  1. New Posse Facebook Group

    While I have no problem with facebook. What will that do for the AR lowers and other technical aspects of the site? I know facebook tends to be anti everything I am about.....( animal adoptions, guns, hunting, to name a few). I am really hoping to get a 2017 lower...
  2. 2017 Posse AR-15 Lowers?

    I'm down for one
  3. 5,000 Members!!

    That is awesome!!! I really enjoy this site simply because there are actual adults that can show respect as well as difference in opinion. It seems things like that are dissapearing the longer the internet is around.
  4. Ammo Selection

    While I agree with shot placement, I am a firm believer in the 53 gr VMAX from hornady. I have shot many coyotes from 30 to 300 yards and all have fallen straight down. I use them in a rem 700 ADL 223. My load is 26.5 gr Varget and it shoots a chronod 3152. My AR round is the 77gr SMK BTHP at 2750
  5. Wildcat barrel suppliers

    I looked Brandon up before I posted this. I am not sure what happened but he showed up as banned. Again no idea on the situation but I am still looking for a decent place to buy a big bore barrel. As for caliber I am still leaning 450 bushmaster but I am a suckered for odd ball things.
  6. Wildcat barrel suppliers

    I was lucky enough to receive a ruger ar lower for Christmas so now I am in pursuit of a barrel. I am a lover of the odd ball so I want to build a big bore of some kind. I have a 223 and a 6.5 grendel already. I am thinking of a 450 bushmaster but the 35 gremlin is something that strikes my fancy. I would like to keep barrel and bolt under $300 but can't decide the best big bore or where to get a barrel. Please feel free to give any and all opinions. Thanks

    Way to knock em out!
  8. Rossi M92 45 Colt accuracy

    Well I ordered some 255gr keith bullets to try out of the rossi. Hoping going up on weight will fix my issue. I will get them loaded up as soon as I get them.
  9. Rossi M92 45 Colt accuracy

    Thank you!
  10. Rossi M92 45 Colt accuracy

    Haha. I don't think I am out of the club yet. Sounds like a lot of work to be done still...
  11. Rossi M92 45 Colt accuracy

    And that is why I love this group of people. Thank you very much for that. I have some H110 on hand and I will look into the cast bullets. Hopefully I can get a decent group going.
  12. Rossi M92 45 Colt accuracy

    I tried to get a shot at a doe this weekend with my 45 colt revolver but she never came any closer than 60 yards. I want to try and load up some different bullets but I really don't want to buy a whole bunch. I am hoping to get a general direction to head in. I really enjoy the use of iron sights but I have become reliant on that oh so wonderful magnification of the nikon scope. I feel like having a challenge to hunt but I don't want to wound deer for the sake of the challenge.
  13. Rossi M92 45 Colt accuracy

    This weekend I was able to kill a doe with my 6.5 grendel Texas Predator Posse ar, and that got me to thinking I want to try for my buck with my iron sight lever gun. Well long story short at 60 yards I am getting a 6 inch group. I have tried hornady leverevolution 225 gr as well as a handload of a 200 gr hornady XTP. These are both loaded to 1873 specs not the high pressure rounds. My question is, does anyone have any experience with this setup and what could I try next to get a little better accuracy.
  14. I'll waltz right back in here...

    And this is the reason I stick around. Truly a great group to learn from, and also get a few good laughs in
  15. Best Shot You Ever Made

    I will say one of my best shots to date was last year in Karnes county. We had horrible deer movement that year and after 2 days of not seeing any deer that night we decide to go run a spotlight to try and kill some hogs or coyotes. Well all we were seeing were jackrabbits, and I had my mosin Nagant (remember we were looking for pigs) while my brother had my 17 hmr (he was driving and running the light). Well I decided to make a shot on a really spooky one that we could not get close to. I shot him through the eyes with the first shot. We set a little survey flag by the rabbit and marked the spot where the truck was, and the next morning we lasered the range at 167 yards. Best waste of a 180 gr nosler ballistic tip I have done yet