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  1. African Mounts

    Beautiful mounts. That'll make for lots of great stories to tell the grand-daughter some day!
  2. Little man does it again!!!

    Good looking fish with an equally good looking boy. Congratulations!
  3. Got one finally

    Nice bird Bennie!
  4. My youngest daughter got her first deer

    Very nice job indeed!
  5. Missouri Whitetail

    a couple more pics...
  6. Missouri Whitetail

    After a long bow season with only a doe in the freezer, my hopes weren't too high for gun season. I had been seeing a few resident doe, but not a single shooter buck all year. To make matters worse, my truck broke down the first morning of season so it was stranded on a ranch and I had to catch a ride back to my home. I decided to spend the first evening of the season stalking / scouting around my home since I was officially without wheels. After 20 minutes of walking, I saw a doe slipping out ahead of me. I was pretty sure she hadn't seen me, so I decided to set up and wait to see if she returned. The weather was great so the two hour wait was pleasant enough, whether I scored or not. As darkness approached, I saw the doe meandering through the woods picking up acorns. She was a distance away and in big woods, so I chose a clearing and waited for her to pass through it. Just as I prepared to squeeze one off, I heard the distinct grunt of a buck coming from the brush. I decided to let her walk to see if he would come out. I had some reservations about letting her walk out of range, but I was willing to take the chance for a good buck. It was only a few minutes before I heard another grunt and saw the buck following. He was a very large bodied deer and had a nice rack for my part of the state. I waited for him to enter the same clearing that I had picked out for the doe. He followed her exact trail and presented me with a stationary 100 yard shot. He jumped on impact and raced to the other deer. It appeared that he wasn't worried about escaping, he was worried about losing his doe! After 10 - 20 seconds, he fell down and that was the end for him. The doe looked really confused and ran back down the trail to me. She paused and looked back which proved to be a poor choice for her. My season wrapped up pretty quickly! This year, I decided to go old school and shoot my Remington 700 (7mm-08). I have been using an AR for several years and I had some old bullets that needed to be used. My old gun did the job. Both the doe and the buck were very large bodied deer. I didn't weigh the buck, but he was the first one that I was unable to load on my own. Maybe I'm just getting old....
  7. Really great spots on that cat. Is he going to the taxidermist?
  8. Windows 10-Are You?????

    I'm going to 10, but I'm going to wait and see if it works for Bob first.
  9. 26th Posse Hog Hunt-Hunt Report!

    Looks like another great hunt! That ranch must really have a great hog population. For me, great food and friends makes for the best hunts. This outing looks like a good one....
  10. Smoked a Sow this morning

    It's been a long time since I've whacked a piggy. Good job Bennie! I'll just have to live through you.... By the way, when are you going to start chatting up your upcoming Africa trip? We all need something to look forward to.
  11. My 2nd Savage Model 14 7mm-08

    Nice shot group and a very pretty gun. I still think the 7mm-08 is the best Whitetail round ever developed. Now we need to see some kill pictures!
  12. Wolf hunting in Romania

    Amazing hunt! Thanks for sharing. I love the pics!
  13. first tuna trip

    Inquiring minds want to know....
  14. Spotted Hog: 135 lbs and 170 Yards

    Great video! Thanks.
  15. Wind was finally right

    That's a pretty one! I love the wavy black hair. Nice hunting.