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  1. Ya'll invest in some NV/suppressors and really have some fun
  2. Weds night hogs

    I think all three, it actually is quieter on the 308 bolt gun. That silenced AR is a blast though, about like a 22 mag. I've noticed more sound coming out of action on right side
  3. Weds night hogs

    I also have some hogs coming in to a baited area at a cousins place a mile north. Can't get a pattern on them yet and one is a monster. Right now it's so muddy over there I can't hardly get in. Patience
  4. Weds night hogs

    Last Saturday 4 hogs started hitting my feeder at 6:30pm. Of coarse I am in Big Spring chasing yotes and crane. No crane but yotes died. Any who the hogs began a pattern and I set up on them Weds night. Got in the blind about 7:15pm and three hogs showed up at 7:30. They left but came back around 8 and the fun began. Dropped the 1st pig at the feeder and hit another in my NE corner gate. I shot one of the pigs at the gate but they both went on through. The two kept going east past the gate and I dropped the back hog. The front hog walked on ahead and got in the thick brush. Drug out the two the next morning and the 2nd pig I dropped had only one bullet hole. Pretty sure the lead hog had a bullet in it's gut. 1st hog was a boar and the 2nd was a large sow. Finally got the ATN Gen 3 christened. Love this setup with the Rock River 6.8. boar sow groupie
  5. Several of us got together on some of my hunting grounds up by Plainview. It was tough to say the least. Daniel and I were the only ones out of 14 to connect on pheasant. Sure will be glad when the numbers come back up. Hunted quail afterwards and it was a different story. Sorry no pics, had too much fun shooting bobs.
  6. Fence line boar

    Last week (Thursday morning) this young boar was cruising down the fence near my barn. Instead of finding a sow he found one of my Hornady 150 SST's. My neighbor about 1/2 a mile north had just stepped out of his house when he saw me shoot the pig. He asked what kind of bullet I used since he saw a flash of light off the pig when I shot him. Think he just saw the back bone explode in the sunlight,,LOL
  7. Muley Week- Hale Co.

    It has been a banner year for sure. I'll get a post up next month for the entire year from Big Bass to Big Bucks. Still have birds to chase the next few weeks. Quail and pheasant are very plentiful in Hale Co. this year. May even pop some crane and geese while up there in a couple of weeks. Good crop of dumb yotes too, we know where that will be going. Purp is coming out of the safe.
  8. Muley Week- Hale Co.

    Been up in the Panhandle since last Friday looking for a mule deer in Hale Co. Found deer from the get go but all were small bucks. Saturday was slow so I went up north a few miles and rode around with the farmer in a combine. He had been seeing two big bucks and hogs while cutting corn.Thought I'd ride shotgun in case something popped out. Mr. Hog busted out and I busted him with the 300. Combines make great blinds-shooting platforms. Had a strong cold front come in over the weekend and the temps really dropped. By Monday morning the bucks were coming out. Saw two young 3-4 year olds fight and tear up some sage. Then they walked by me within 70 yards and really strutted their stuff. Where was my iPhone,,,in the truck as usual. After they got through sparing I left them and was heading back to the truck. Started glassing and saw a huge buck with a doe 1/2 mile away. They were heading to a 1/4 section of tall weeds. I got the corner where I thought they may come out but only a young 3x3 came through. Saw the buck again that evening in same area but could only get to 874 yards to him. Tuesday morning was uneventful until about 8am. I had been back to the area where the bucks were fight Monday and nothing but a coyote. Was heading back and glassed the big draw to my south again. There were the deer and the stalk was on. On the way there I was trying to creep up a hill and look over to see if the buck was there. Two coyotes busted out and circled back around towards the deer. At this time I thought the hunt was over. Two does started chasing one dog around and busted up the herd. Then I saw the big buck push a doe back to the same corner of the weeds as Monday. I went back to the corner where an irrigation pivot control panel was. It was slightly elevated and gave me a chance to see into the weeds. I saw the doe and right behind was the buck about 100 yards out. They were heading straight to me. Put the cross hairs on his neck, touched off the 300 WM and made him famous. Dang he's a brute. Weighed him today at processor 25 hours after he was shot,,,227 pounds field dressed. Amazing how big these guys are. 2015 hunting season has been awesome. Enjoy the pics. Had to stomp down the weeds to gut and photo
  9. Tagged Out

    Full hunting loads but still pretty quiet. Need to get a few other rifles threaded for it
  10. Tagged Out

    Took this nice 10 this morning while walking back to the house when I had finished hunting,, or thought I finished. Already had gun unloaded and scope cover back on. Hadn't seen much at the stand except small stuff. About 100 yards north of the house this guy popped up out of the grass. Amazing how fast one can load, get cover off and get down on the sticks for a perfect shot maybe 100-120 yards. Tagged out and now on to Mule Deer next weekend. Hope I can keep this Sunday Buck streak going. Before After
  11. 10pt Opener

    Just need some cold weather. 70* and strong SW wind ain't workin.
  12. 10pt Opener

    What I'm waiting on
  13. Got My Texas Buck

    Nice 8
  14. 10pt Opener

    I took this nice 10 point Sunday morning on my place NE of Abilene. Not the guy I have been looking for but still a pretty good deer. Used the 308 AAC. This rifle is becoming one of my favorites. Shot was a little over 200 and using hand loads with Hornady 150gr SST. Love these bullets
  15. New Mexico Pronghorn Hunts

    Nice ones