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    I like to go Hog, deer, and now predator hunting. I like to go fishing both freshwater and saltwater. I like to go to bookstores, movies, vacation in Vegas, and spending time with the family.

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  1. Waterfowl Hunts

    Thanks I will send him an email.
  2. 2017 Posse AR-15 Lowers?

    I will want one.
  3. I am new to waterfowl hunting and wanting to know any recommendation on a guide. Rockport and port Aransas is a plus.
  4. Youth Shotgun

    My daughter is going to try out the 4H shotgun club in our area and I wanted to know if anyone here has experience in good competition shotguns for a 10 year old and what you would recommend.
  5. BAB's free range Blackbuck

    Nice horns. Congratulations. I have seen one blackbuck two years ago while deer hunting in Junction, TX.
  6. Dang I wish. I need a new job.
  7. Calling in Summer

    Cool hunt. Congratulations.
  8. A new Huntress is on the scene

    Congratulations on your new addition.
  9. Hunters education for 10 year old

    Thanks guys for all the advice. I agree one course is not enough but I also believe in more training the better. I will be taking her to the range and practicing with the 22 rifle and will graduate to the bigger calibers in the future.The only issue is my job which I work rotating shifts and do not have the traditional days off. I have done some research from the TPWD link and found some of these schools have hunters education camps for the summer and I am willing to put her in one. I remember the YO ranch had a summer program with a hunt but they are in the middle of a land sale right now.
  10. Hey guys My daughter is getting older and now she turned 10 and wants to go hunting. I know there are lots of hunters education courses but I am looking for one that also offers rifle training. My daughter is in the 4H shooting BB guns but I feel she is going to need more rifle exposure and training. I remember growing we had the boy scouts but then again that option is not available today. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  11. Fence line boar

    You did good
  12. Billie got a good cull

    Nice buck Billie
  13. Results of last few days hunting

    Awesome buck and nice hog. I see meat
  14. 2015 Freezer Filler-Hunt Report

    Glad you all had great hunts. I need to hook with you guys next time.