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  1. Nothing at all wrong with a target of opportunity! Nice job!
  2. My first, and hopefully not last, auodad

    A nice ram indeed! Congrats! I'm interested in more info on the hunt and where, if public land. I have a good friend that has a hankering for an aoudad!
  3. That sounds like a great way to spend the day! Nice job! Congrats!
  4. Finally Got My Axis Buck

    What a beautiful trophy Bob! Congrats! I can't wait to see what mount you choose to do with it!
  5. All year here as well but I do cut back on the number of stands during the day and try to night hunt more.
  6. I Have to Brag a Little......

    Wow what a beast! I am sure we will be hearing about her (here on the forum and on sports news) for a few years! Impressive!
  7. A new Huntress is on the scene

    Nice! Congrats guys! Spoil her rotten!
  8. I'm not to far from ya, maybe we could do something next winter when the vegetation gose back dormant if you are still needing some help!
  9. Got a combo this weekend

    Nice job Bennie!
  10. MIxed on the title

    Nice job Bennie! Turkey or pork! They both eat well!
  11. How Often?

    Yeah 2 to 3 weeks for me as well but I think it can depend on the property. I have one spot which is the only opening between two large tracts of woods. The coyotes from each set of woods both frequent the field for hunting. I believe it could probably be hunted sooner but I rarely get a chance to. I have killed a coyote on the same property on Friday morning and Sunday morning though. Like Bob mentioned I like to change things up if I do return real quick. Maybe a morning visit the first time and an evening or night visit the next. But all of that being said I definitely believe a place can be overcalled!! Good luck!
  12. Coyotes

    Yeah right now they will be very territorial with pups on the ground. The pup distress should work wonders right now! If you e-call has a YOUNG or FEMALE howls they may work as well. I would open with a couple of howls and then maybe a distress sound that is a bit out of the ordinary. That way if they have been called before they may still respond to a new sound. Then after a bit maybe let the pup distress roll for a few minutes! This time of year can be tough but stay patient, late August and September the stupid ones will be out!
  13. For you Ford drivers

    Now that's funny!
  14. Update on the wife's situation

    Man you guys will be in my prayers!