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  1. Happy 4th

    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY Y'ALL! Well, you managed to get independence from the British... now you need to get it from Obama!
  2. Snake Boot Recall!

    I'll see if I can send a couple of Aussie Taipans over for y'all to fondle! And that last picture... how come Bob is holding up that little bitty bootlace?
  3. Snake Boot Recall!

  4. My New Science Project

    Well done, Cory! I'm pleased to see that in both brains and looks the boy takes after Carol's side!
  5. Snake Boot Recall!

    Maybe Chinese snakes have shorter and softer fangs? I'd hate to see how these ludicrously expensive Chinese gumboots would stand up to Aussie King Brown, Taipan and Tiger snakes!
  6. The reality of shark fishing from a kayak

    I didn't know you guys have Bull sharks too! They are the bane of plastic kayak and sea kayak fishers here. I had a nasty scare 18 months ago, too. Two men have suffered severe injuries from them of late and a Navy clearance diver lost both legs to a Bull in Sydney Harbour a few years ago. He is okay, now a Navy instructor, he is in a knife forum to which I belong.
  7. This is my story.

    Ah texa4ut... I reckon you are a great U.S. Mail!
  8. Memorial/Decoration Day-Lest We Forget!

    Assuring you that your past and present servicemen and women are not forgotten here in Australia. Your contribution in the Pacific War especially will never be forgotten by Australians. We are proud of the fact that we have stood shoulder to shoulder with America in almost all conflicts in the past hundred years! Lest we forget!
  9. More rain

    I know that God promised to never send another great flood..... but... I'm beginning to wish I had a big boat rather than a lousy sea-kayak!
  10. Hey, Buzz, check this out:

    We used to have a company here who used (ad nauseum) a very annoying jingle on their commercials that went, "We stand behind the product we sell!" I used to wish they sold M20 launchers for the same reason you mentioned!
  11. More rain

    At least you're heading into Summer! It's pouring rain here ATM and the temp is dropping daily. We have flash flooding (again) forecast here today and things are looking pretty miserable!
  12. My New Science Project

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.............. thanks for the kind offer, Gerry... but I think I'll take a pass! Your tourist attractions sound more retrograde than tardigrade to me!
  13. Hey, Buzz, check this out:

    Yes... back in my day we were still using WW2 vintage M2A2 105mm Howies. When I served in Malaya, we used Italian L5 pack howies which were the carbines of the field gun world with very short barrels. The resulting bark from them really brought home the amazing power that was contained in a 105mm NATO round... especially on the rare occasions when we used all the charge bags for maximum range. Today we all suffer from severe tinnitus and hearing loss... our only hearing protection then was called "fingers." Our army also used the L5 in Vietnam for a while as they could be carried as a slung load under a Huey due to their lighter weight compared to an M2A2. They were replaced by the latter as they started shaking themselves to pieces because of the greater ranges and sustained fire required in SVN. The Arabs could be in for a torrid time if they can manage to get NATO rounds to fit in the German clunkers! Will someone please get me a box of tissues?
  14. My New Science Project

    This Salado place must be an interesting spot to visit! The Salado Tourist Bureau probably hands out powerful magnifying glasses to tourists so they can see the local wildlife!
  15. More rain

    Like that here! We had a six foot high hedge a few months ago. For the last two months SWMBO has pointed to my hedge trimmer and six foot stepladder and subtly suggested that I trim the hedge before I find myself having to go and buy an eight foot stepladder. I always responded that I would do it when the rain passed. We now have an eight foot high hedge and I'll be going out to buy an eight foot stepladder... as soon as the rain has passed!