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  1. Today I went to visit my uncle's ranch, he has problems with some coyotes, a few minutes to call with my electronic call and this coyote crashed with a 22 magnum of front, to finish the year 2016. happy year to all and good Hunting for 2017
  2. my favorite hunting season is summer, but I do not dislike the winter !! Greetings and good hunting.
  3. Howler sound video

    very good!!!...
  4. First time Hunter.

  5. Nice Grey Fox

    nice fox, congratulations
  6. redwolf or coywolf

    so big!!!,,,nice picture.
  7. Thank you friends. Very soon I will be hunting javelina I hope to have good luck this summer, greetings to all.
  8. Hello friends, after a long time I went back to hunting. This Sunday I went to the ranch of a friend to call coyotes in the afternoon, my foxpro and sound of 237 Cottontail Distress 1 and my Marlin 22 mag did a great job, three shots and the coyote bit the dust. greetings to all.
  9. Hey guys, look what hunting today morning in a trough of water in my father's ranch.
  10. Hello friends this is what hunt this weekend at the ranch my father. For a long time me away from the game, but decided to come back and here I am again eager to hunt. sorry for my bad English.
  11. Your opinion

    Thanks friend, no doubt are coyotes. much work for this summer!