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  1. lightning is not your friend!!

    I'm glad it wasn't worse. WELCOME BACK!
  2. A few video's of Pig hunts

    GREAT Footage!
  3. AR 15 new build

    VERY NICE!!!!
  4. Amazing Game CAM Pic

    Cool photo!
  5. AR 15 new build

    What Shop is offering this service/class? Sounds FUN!!!!!
  6. Problem or fun?

    Bar B Que them ALL..........
  7. Picked up my Axis Buck Mount!

    I need to "hire" your interior decorator.
  8. 29th Posse Hog Hunt-Report

    AND made it home for Lunch @ Mom's & Church........GREAT weekend!
  9. 29th Posse Hog Hunt-Report

    FUN Weekend!
  10. We scored big time .

    VERY Impressive!!!!!
  11. SB Polar scores 1st kill

    Keep it going........
  12. Turkey eve hog

    Stay after 'em!
  13. Hope Everyone Made It Through the Bad Weather Today

    JUST a little bit of fence repair in the backyard is needed NOW...........
  14. morning view from the front door

    Nice photo
  15. Bass Pro and Cabela's

  16. the very last one...EVER???

    BEST OF LUCK! PLEASE keep us posted.
  17. Happy Birthday Bob

    WOW another 1!...........GOD BLESS
  18. smoking deal on .243 brass

    THANKS for posting.
  19. Target of opportunity

    That WILL work.......
  20. My first, and hopefully not last, auodad

    That .300 wsm. will do the job
  21. Gander Mtn

    Bring back SPORTMANS WAREHOUSE.........
  22. Please sign up The Dirty Dingo (Terry). We'll get the deposit in the mail PDQ.
  23. New Binoculars

  24. Hunting hogs with dogs - a new adventure for me

    I'm glad you were able to do this kind of hunt. Looks FUN!
  25. Fear of Hogpocalypse